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The Layers Apartment

The Layers Apartment

Aviram Kushmirski
Tel Aviv, Israel | View Map
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Oded Smadar

The Layers Apartment

Aviram Kushmirski as Architects

Design Concept
This design concept is based on the creation of new ways to use natural materials, reproducing the effects of layering found in nature.


We have used this property to allow the expression of natural materials in new ways and within new contexts by creating meeting points for different natural materials. Our design and planning concept focused on finding new, fascinating ways to create those meeting points between the materials.


The layering concept seeks the balance between form and function and between the object and the space. Using explicit customization, in each element we designed, the layers were created through a different meeting of materials. The result is a unique, very special space, which delights and draws the eye and in which the quality of the natural materials stands out.


Planning: The space is divided up to provide maximum openness inside and in terms of its connections with the outside. The integration of a number of linear geometric elements with presence in the space, designed with specific emphasis on precise, clean form, creating a synergetic, harmonious composition and their emphasis using light and shade.


 As an alternative to building walls, elements were designed for installation throughout the apartment to create both separation and communication between the different parts of the space:


The integral kitchen unit is a combination of woods with different finishes surrounded on all sides by perforated brass designed to provide a floating, folding look, turning into the work area located behind the unit.


The surrounding layer of brass creates a dynamic throw of light and shade, which changes during day and night hours and duplicates its graphic texture in masses of other natural materials. This element creates both separation from and an intimacy with the spaces behind.


The kitchen island and the dining table positioned in the center of the space were united into a single unit by bringing together one natural material with another in layers – the tabletop is solid wood, which both penetrates into and surrounds the island. In essence, this creates the look of an island comprising three layers of different materials placed one on top of the other.


From every angle and position in the kitchen space there is a direct line of sight into the entire public space and its links with the outside. The finished kitchen has a personal, unique look with a sophisticated, meticulous finish.


The texture of the perforated brass is repeated in the floating library, which is a composition of layered shelving, which appears as thin , floating shelves providing an overall result that is elegant, sophisticated, interesting, light and airy.


Another element creating a series of links between the spaces is a carpentry element with a linear graphic texture in three dimensions, created using layers of carefully designed wooden strips. They combine to form a functional surround, concealing storage units within and doors at both ends.


The modular distribution was designed to provide a uniform façade, which does not reveal the location of cupboard doors, or an entry door into the other space or any fixed section. This unit ‘turns’ and continues into the internal parts of the bathrooms.


We use natural materials in every project. Those natural materials are worked by specialist artisans and their richness forms a precise, composite whole. We ensure that all the strengths of those materials are expressed. The three main materials we used in this apartment form a cascade of metals, woods and marbles combined as a range of materials, displayed as surfaces and as significant masses with different finishes.


Together they create a work of art comprising layers and blocks, small details and broad statements; a spectrum of textures. Each natural material has its own language in perfect synergy with the distinct language of every other material. When selecting the processes through which natural materials are implemented, we feel that it is vital to make minimal use of “readymade” and we accentuate manufacturing processes employing precious artisanal inputs displaying the artistic value in the traditional skills found locally. The results express our enthusiasm and respect for natural materials and our never-ending efforts in the examination of boundaries and to go beyond the boundaries of natural materials.


We believe in: “First Concept, then Design. That means: Deep, creative thought as the precursor to the planning and design stage; thorough examination of the space and the environment; full exploration of the client’s program, character and lifestyle with the aim of creating a personal design that matches their individual nature and circumstances. That customization process is followed until the crystallization of a tight, design concept unique to the project and only then do we begin working on the actual design.


Our commitment to creativity, design and love for people spurs us towards original, creative thinking that challenges us in every new project. Throughout the process, we seek the different, without falling into the convenient trap that is the obvious and the safe. The acute need for original thinking creates the unique difference instilled into every project.


We will always aim to create a design that is timeless, creative, fresh and modern. Very importantly, our designs are highly germane to the convenience modern lifestyles can provide.

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