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Kostas Chatzigiannis Architecture as Architects

The SHOUTER is a multi-brand furniture and home decoration store that was created by a spin-off team of an established furniture retailer in China. The reason for this was a growing demand of a younger emancipated Chinese clientele, that now requires a unique context of living.


The furniture and objects displayed are quirky, playful, and explore the boundaries between functionality and art. Often in limited editions, these objects aim to satisfy the new desires of the Chinese society, those of subtle luxury and artistic self-expression.


The design of the store follows no standard recipe of retail design: The perimeter remains semi-open, with large openings designed as cracks and holes on the massive concrete walls. The visitors circulate freely through various entry and exit points, and are sometimes confronted by large glass cabinets, blocking their way. Product displays are found in the center of the room, reminiscing of shapes and forms characteristic to the Memphis Group. LED light structures are used to frame some important pieces, terrazzo tiles with glass marbles and colorful resin boards complete the material palette of the space.


Positioned next to established furniture brands, the design of The SHOUTER tries to establish a play between the ruggedness of its materiality and the sleek aesthetic of the objects within. As the home decoration aspirations in China are ever changing, this store does not attempt to define them, rather participates, in an anecdotal way, to the accidental game that creates them.

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