The Umbrella Factory

The Umbrella Factory

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James Jones

The Umbrella Factory

Lipton Plant Architects as Architects

This warehouse building sits at the centre of a vibrant area characterized since the 17th century by ‘transition’ both of its environment and population, as a predominantly Jewish area in the East end of London. LPA have re-configured and refurbished the entirety of the existing building and designed 4 double height penthouses, by creating two new floors. All specifically designed to responds to, or generate a transition from one state to another, the warehouse originally manufactured; Umbrella cases (open/closed), then Lampshades (light/dark), and finally it was used as a Mantle workshop (warm/cold). LPA’s new design for the top two floors, materially contrast and ‘sheaths’ the older building below it, in the same way each item the building once manufactured sheathed either; an object, light or the body.

LPA sensitively expresses ‘transition’ by taking a subtle element of (light) from the historic fabric, transforming and expanding it while it traverses across the surface of the modern top of the building. The profile of the historic crittall window panes remain recognizable, only the scale fluctuates. The new fenestration appears to originate from the older fabric of the building and ‘drift’ up across the surface of the buildings new envelope, finally breaking free, blending and disappearing into the light of the skyline.

Material Used :

1. Imar – Perforated Corrugated Mesh Panels - Bespoke

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Product Spec Sheet

Perforated Corrugated Mesh Panels - BespokeIMAR
Product Spec Sheet
Perforated Corrugated Mesh Panels - Bespoke
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