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Ana Rita Ramos as Architects

Despite our strong desire to travel and discover new countries, we never went to Netherlands. But it’s impossible not to create a fantasy about everything we could live and see in this magical place. Colorful houses, tulips, windmills and bicycles, along with our joy to finally see it in front of us. Although we’re seat in from oh the computer in this exact moment, we can feel the sensation of breathing such a beautiful city.

Sounds like a cliché, but... dreaming takes us to every corner of the world! And no doubt that one of the roads would lead us to the Netherlands.

For the accomplishment of our proposal, we went through several projetual phases.In order to have a broader picture, before we could think about a concept or even start drawing some ideas, we researched the factory location. From this visualization, we noticed that due to a “wall” made of trees, between the factory and the road, the facade that we’re working on was clearly framed by some trees.

So, adding this little detail with our dreamy vibe with eyes fixed on Netherlands, we created an imaginary and colourful scenario in which this country is portrayed almost as a souvenir postcard. Replete with a funny chromatic world, this new facade collects a little bit of everything of this country and which we have in our visual connection to this country. Consequently, besides calling attention (because of the choice of colours), this facade could also create a moment of reflection on the visit to Netherlands, since the road that passes beside the factory can take us to Germany. And this passage to the factory would be the last goodbye. Or the welcoming.

Now thinking on the panels that will be printed and cover the facade of the factory, we introduce the question of illusion and camouflage. Since we created a whole Dutch scenario in the wall, we decided to write some words like a whisper to the ear or a challenge to the spectator to see with their own eyes that this is effectively a factory. To reinforce that idea, in the upper right corner we introduced an effect, as if the drawing is a layer falling. With this concept, we are approaching the customer to the product, who could now feel that he have the potential and strength to play with our design and uncover the reality (like if it was paper).

In brief, our project portrays an imaginary world shaped on a souvenir postcard from Netherlands, to intensify the factory location (that is close to Germany), but also to camouflage and give a new universe to the factory itself, reinforcing the concept that the product can help their clients to create new landscapes and new facades which definitely can wake up our cities to a world full of color.

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