Thilakawardana Textiles Retail Interior

Thilakawardana Textiles Retail Interior

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Eresh Weerasuriya
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Displays Formica Group
Ceiling, Cement Grill – Exterior Facade Alu Sons
Fitouts DisplaysDomain Lanka Interiors
Formica – Displays Noorbhoy
Wallpaper – DisplaysWall Art
Fitouts DisplaysWestgate Interiors

Product Spec Sheet
Ceiling, Cement Grill – Exterior Facade
Fitouts Displays
Formica – Displays
Wallpaper – Displays
Fitouts Displays

Thilakawardana Textiles Retail Interior

KWA Architects as Architects

Thilakawardhana Textiles, the owners of the celebrated Sri Lankan fashion chain opened their first department store in the heritage city of Kandy in Sri Lanka. The heritage city of Kandy was the capital of the Kandyan Kingdom (1469 - 1815), the last kingdom of Sri Lanka before the British rule.

Thilakawardhana is the department store very popular with the masses in its areas of business and is generally seen as a ‘value for money’ destination. Its Kandy branch is an attempt further to this as ‘’An exciting and interesting destination with value for money with references to its unique location’’. The interior was mainly designed by incorporating details of Kandyan architecture; unique only to the city of Kandy in Sri Lanka . Especially the traditional ‘Binara Flower’ timber motif from the Kandyan period was stylised and used as design features around the retail interior. It is an innovative design concept introduced to the project.

The motive of yeilding the past by using contemporary design techniques has been achieved to a great extent thus making this a unique retail interior.

Shades of whites and creams have been used throughout the interior spaces whilst gloss flooring reflects the iluminated ceiling. This is a technique used to brighten up the interior. Spot lighting is used to to highlight the wide range of clothing and featured elements within the retail space.

Clothes and accessories are showcased in mannequin display areas featuring contemporary design details and materials to highlight the latest fashions offerings. Materials such as reflective glass, perforated cladding and aluminium frames have been used to add more detail to the design.

Material used :

1. Fitouts Displays – Westgate International

2. Fitouts Displays – Domain Lanka Interiors

3. Ceiling - Alusons

4. Formica – Displays – Noorbhoy

5.Wallpaper – Displays - Wallart

6. Travertine & Emperado Marble – Facade, Steps and troughs – Sree Marble

7. Cheescake perforated panel – Ceiling – JC Entreprices

8. Caster Aluminum grill – Exterior ceiling, Interior Facade, interior ceiling – Aluson

9. Cement Grill – Exterior Facade -Alusons

10. Paving &Landscape – , Sithna Paving, Beauty Garden

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