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DMN Super

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Eresh Weerasuriya

DMN Super

KWA Architects as Architects

The brief called for a 75,000 sq.ft. mixed development project inclusive of a supermarket, fashion & other retail outlets , a food court, carparks and 4 furnished apartments for short term stays. The design intended to fit into the street scale of mostly 2-3 storey buildings while highlighting it’s retail functions. It responds to the corner plot with an attractive triple height entrance. In addition to stairs both elevators and escalators encourage vertical transportation within the retail floors. The top floors are set back from the street edge allowing for scale adjustment and creates an open terrace with breathtaking ocean views towards the Indian Ocean. This terrace acts as the alfresco area of the food court. The apartments have been designed to allow for a complete detachment from the busy business functions below. Each unit has an entrance courtyard flooded with natural light from top and a textured red brick wall separation adding to the sensation of tropical living. Considering the short stay concept, the service apartments feature a spacious living and dining area created overlooking a large terrace with tropical plants and breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean.

The site is a located in Moratuwa, a suburb of Colombo facing it’s main thoroughfare.It is situated in a central location thus making it easily accessible by private and public transport. Taking advantage of the central location the idea was to let the building be a landmark of Moratuwa which would strike one’s mind as they enter the town.

The zoning of the building both vertically and horizontally have been derived in accordance of user ease. The ground floor is dedicated for the supermarket as it is the most used space by consumers on a daily basis. The textiles and clothes store is placed at the first floor whilst the food court is at the third. The ocean front alfresco dining area is a special feature unique to this development.The retail area of the building has a detailed aluminium screen behind the glass facade. The added detailing of the facade brings in an unusual yet unique sense of embellishment to the building. The ceiling of the supermarket interior made of aluminium is a distinctive feature added to the builing. This ceiling is designed to visually connect varying retail elements below. The apartment balconies and courtyards are of exposed bricks. Using eco friendly local construction material not only adds texture but also reduces the cost of construction.

The building has incorporated sustainable methodologies such as energy efficient lighting, natural lightings in all spaces and natural ventilation in all lobbies and apartments.Provision for solar electricity generation is left at the roof top of the building whilst rainwater harvesting is used to irrigate the plants.

Material Used :

1. Interior Displays – Prashan Constructions

2. Formica – Displays - Noorbhoy

3. Wallpaper – Cafeteria Ceiling - Wallart

4. Interior Aluminum Grill - Lanka Aluminium

5.Interior Grill Ceiling– Lanka Aluminium

6. Exterior Ceiling - Lanka Aluminium

7. Glass Facade – Globe Glass

8. Landscape – Beauty Gardens

Project Credits
Product Spec Sheet

Displays Formica Group
Glass FacadeGlobe Glass
Interior Aluminum Grill, Interior Grill Ceiling, Exterior CeilingLanka Aluminium
Formica – DisplaysNoorbhoy
Product Spec Sheet
Glass Facade
Interior Aluminum Grill, Interior Grill Ceiling, Exterior Ceiling
Formica – Displays
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