Third Montage

Third Montage

Studio PKA
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Sebastian Zachariah

Third Montage

Studio PKA as Designers

The sounds of the crowded city of Mumbai only follow you till the lobby doors, past which the sounds that greet you are of people making their way home or are on their way to work. Some who would occasionally smile and nod in acknowledgement as walk by, a courtesy prevalent in most apartment cultures.


Making your way up the stairs and walking down to the door at the end of the corridor, it’s hard to imagine the memories embedded into any home. It is even harder to imagine memories that span over three generations of a family such as that of the client.

That’s where the story of the Third Montage begins, it begins with the family. From a small two bedroom apartment acquired in 1990 by a family of 4; which grew into a 3 bedroom apartment in 2002 after acquiring the adjacent apartment to accommodate the next generation. The studio was involved in the design of both these stages, building up to the apartment in 2017 which had to reflect the evolving lifestyle of the family. The different personalities of each individual member had to be accommodated, all the while remaining a single cohesive form. The design takes a step further and accounts for the family’s inclination to host guests and has a multi-functional lounge that can double as a guest bedroom, through an arrangement of sliding folding doors that segregate the space. The design becomes a space that the family would love to live and grow in. 

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