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Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Emco external technical mat / doormatEmco Bad GmbH & Co. KG
Supply of furniture and curtainsBase Srl
FIT 804 FL Full-Range Audio Speakers, Amplifier 8 Channels AMP 870Current Audio
Supply of large luminous walls - LEDsIMPRIMENDO
Sugar Net operating chairsQuinti

Product Spec Sheet
Emco external technical mat / doormat
Supply of furniture and curtains
FIT 804 FL Full-Range Audio Speakers, Amplifier 8 Channels AMP 870
Supply of large luminous walls - LEDs
Sugar Net operating chairs
by Quinti


Studio Original Designers 6R5 Network as Architects

Tomorrow Lab is the digital hub of Fabio Perini, a leading company in the supply of machinery and processing and packaging services of tissue, born to understand and exploit the opportunities offered by digitization, and to make Industry 4.0 a reality in the own market of the tissue. An open innovation space designed to create and share "knowledge" between Fabio Perini employees and the entire system of paper production, bringing together startups, universities, business accelerators and institutions.


The world is more and more an "intelligent planet", it expands on the net, searching for the intelligences that weld it and unite, self-feeding. Millions of connections trace the roads that link these virtual networks in work and leisure. Increasingly dynamic challenges that involve thought, intuition, research in the various sectors involving all the moments of our daily life. Research that will take us into the universe, in other worlds with other frequencies to overcome new limits, now unimaginable. The new Tomorrow Lab project is part of this framework.


The project of the new research offices of Tomorrow Lab starts from afar, from the historic headquarters of Fabio Perini, a building from the 1970s located near the company's facilities and central offices in Lucca. The extended team of the Original Designers Studio 6R5 Network of Milan, on the indication of the presidency of the Tuscan company, has created a new multi-purpose space dedicated to research and innovation. Here are the new structures, with new technologies and productions, which are adopted for the study of innovative tissue materials.

New generation offices, functional and essential in the concept, where shared work and multimedia management of the interiors create a dynamic movement between researchers and collaborators. The use of home automation and computerized systems is fundamental. in addition to virtual and augmented reality devices.


In the project, developed on 500 square meters, all the dividers were eliminated to create an open space, with several connected routes. To give continuity to the offices, a single floating floor in bleached oak parquet was created. in full harmony with an always white counter-ceiling and flush ceiling lights with a wide-range diffused LED light. The very clear internal and external colors of the surfaces contrast with the strong colors used for the large bright walls. Doors and furnishings are white, except for some details, such as yellow chests of drawers and some large emotional furniture colored spheres, insert in the offices as playful elements. The large pre-existing windows on the entire office area were opened to full height, connected to a system of vertical blinds, while all spaces have long visions of the whole that amplify the voids and the transparency of open spaces. Finally, the creative cut of the spaces is minimal, for a rationality of the movements.

From the central space, the various areas branch out:
- Research space
- Conference room
- Teleconference room
- Prototype Room
- Technical bodies and services
- Relax Room

All these environments are connected by a multimedia and home automation network, thanks to which every researcher of the team is always connected, both with internal colleagues, but also with the database and other offices of Fabio Perini. In view of an increasingly technological development, all the screens are touch screens and all researchers are equipped with multi-function handhelds. Furthermore, in the prototype room, thanks to the use of 3D printers, it is possible to confront and develop new ideas. which are the true value of this new research center by Fabio Perini.

- Epicenter Ground Floor
- Epicenter First Floor
- Open Space Research
- Open Space Conference
- Team Room Teleconference Call
- Prototypes Room
- Relax Area
- Technical Spaces and Services

Material Used :
- Interior painting: Tex Acryl Sikkens, color code S 0502 Y
- Painting external portions masonry: Alphaloxan Farbe and Alphaloxan Flex Sikkens, color code S 0502 Y
- External painting on sign: Rubbol Magura Sikkens enamel, RAL 9005 black color code
- Floating internal flooring: Floor Advanced system in bleached oak 3201
- Emco external technical mat / doormat
- Comed life line and access ladder to the roof

- Ology Desks (Steelcase)
- Sugar Net operating chairs (Quinti)
- Zar tents (Everest)

Total project and coordination

Studio Original Designers 6R5 Network

·         Architectural validation - Studio Blasi

·         Graphics and Rendering - Tectonika Design

·         Systems Projects - Studio Montemarano

·         Shipyard Manager - Techno Ingegneria - Raffaello Bertocchini

·         Luminous walls - Art & Co – Imprimendo

·         Builder – Decorart

·         Domotica Insertions - IT Office - Fabio Perini

·         Installations – Siel

·         Photo Images - Getty Images

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