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Topological Folding House

Topological Folding House

Takashi Yamaguchi & Associates
Ashiya, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan | View Map
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Residential Landscape

Projection Reversal in Modern Architecture

Takashi Yamaguchi & Associates as Architects

In modern architecture, the current of energy, which mankind are active within the space of the building, has been studied on the measurable plane. By measuring the area, one was able to separate the uses of the space. Thus, this division of functional space has been projected on the architectural plan, which also created efficiently economical distribution of space. However, on the other side, there is one problem that should be put into discussion, the rigidity of the space use, into which mankind will be easily expelled by the modern architecture.

By focusing on this one issue of modern architecture, the planning of this project is being moved forward.


The site of construction is surrounded by low-rise residential buildings. The entire structure of the building is created by folding a single plate. The interior space is also made by bending the continuous floor surface. From one floor to another, to the balcony of the second floor, then to the exterior rooftop, all of which continue. This continuity of the interior floor surface, endodermis, and the exterior rooftop surface, exodermis, leads to the study of the Möbius loop which involves the topological structure. In the topological structure, the intersection of space is articulated and the diagonal line is made, this emphasizes the point of perspective.

The partition of space between the first floor-entrance, dining room and the second floor-living room entirely disappears, while the void between those spaces is being created. The space which already had the emphasis on the perspective is combined, and this result in one could sense the extent of space within the actual area of the building. The various gaps which are formed by the continuously bending plate become aperture of the building. The breaks made by the topology of the interiority and exteriority allow the light to pass through, enter the inside of the structure. This shows the connection and emphasis of the topology in architecture.

Furthermore, facing toward the courtyard, the aperture is created in the center of the first floor. This aperture located in the breaks of the elevation surface, and this leads to the breaking of the diagram of the topological connection within the building. Also, the existence of this aperture advances to the much more emphasized building structure.

During the daytime, the aperture on the second floor allow the light to enter and provide the natural warmth for the interior space. At nighttime, the lighting which is attached to the wall surface gives away the illumination, from which the beauty of the lifestyle-space is being shown throughout the building. Countless segments of light appear and randomly become fragmented. This non-homogenized light makes the flow and abstraction of space much more amplified.

Because of the luster of the aluminum floor, the natural light and the flow make the artificial lighting beautifully magnified. This results in the whiteness of interior wall portrays the different changes of light, also ones lifestyle will support the various color-appearances. Therefore, the countenance of space will be abundantly produced along with the progress.


In the modern city of Japan, the digitizing of the function and projection within the plan are strongly needed. Thus, the new model of building has almost not been provided. Rather, it is revealed that the project of the private house plays an important role in Japan. Because it is possible to lose connection with the conventional consciousness, the essential matter is being put into consideration while the client with individuality is being confronted. “What is Architecture” must be pursued by architect.

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