Fabrizia Frezza as interior architect

The villa, which dates back to the 1970s, had an excellent structural base on which to build. The internal distribution, especially at the ground level, did not need substantial changes, however it had to be updated and relieved. A dark and disharmonious atmosphere existed due to the use of tiles, stonework, dark wood frames, custom-made dark wooden furniture, fabrics and decorations of every kind. Moreover, the interior of the villa did not refl ect the exterior, which denoted a typical Mediterranean style with its form and the white stucco of the walls. The main objective of my project was to recreate the harmony between the interior and the exterior. I brightened the ambiance with the use of waxed, white terracotta at the ground floor. At the first fl oor I chose bleached oak wood, more suitable for the sleeping area, which combined the candour of white with the warmth of wood. The window frames themselves have been bleached and modifi ed to let as much sunlight as possible fi lter through. The lighting coming from outside, refl ected by the sea, the white of the stucco and of the fl oors, the pastel-colored linens in the bedrooms, and the deep purple velvet sofas in the living room, are the background for the family’s antique furniture and for the pieces exclusively designed. Selected family furniture, as the armoires and a large dresser, were rediscovered, whitened and fi nely decorated with gold patina giving the rooms a harmonious retró feeling. The elegance and simplicity of the house can also be found in the bathrooms, where the white predominates in the stone sinks combined with modern polished steel accessories. The choice of the white has given brightness to the terrace, where the sole coloured elements are the blue of the swimming pool, the sky and the sea and the dark wood of some furnishings. The white, built-in chaise longue at the edges of the swimming pool stand out against the impressive view of Mount Vesuvius dominating the city of Ercolano.

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Official opening of Queen Alia International Airport in Amman
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Official opening of Queen Alia International Airport in Amman

Amman, Jordan - Build completed in 2013
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