Torkel Romenschwanden
St. Margrethen

Torkel Romenschwanden

Brassel Architekten as Architects

In the Middle Ages, St. Margrethen was one of the major wine villages in the Rhine Valley, which paid taxes to the monastery of St. Gallen by means of the tenth tax. The 400-year-old Torkel Romenschwanden is the last surviving witness in the village, reminiscent of viticulture in the middle ages. The walls were made of stones from the ruins Grimmenstein, which was burned down in the 12th century. On behalf of the local community, the vacant Torkel was to be used as a venue. The new cellar (building services, WC), the floor slab and the filigree frame of 4.00 meters height on the west facade were created from in-situ concrete. The frame takes over the stiffening of the old walls and forms at the same time the stop for the large doors and shutters. The timber joints from the roof frame were reinforced with steel angles and, in addition, wooden supports were inserted so that the roof loads rest more evenly on the old beams.

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