TOTBOX is one of several meeting spaces designed for the corporate headquarters for United Mail, a bulk mail processing company based in Louisville, Kentucky. Responding to the client’s need for providing a small “think-outside-the-box” area for administrative staff & visitors, the design was inspired by the services for which the company is known – namely the high-speed processing of raw mailing materials through custom sorting, collating and manual assembly. In this particular instance, the common sight of crisscross-stacked bulk paper reams within the facility provided the logic for construction. Utilizing hand-stacked pine planks, the meeting space is defined by a layered, three-dimensional structure that is visible from many vantage points within the open-plan administrative area. Inflections and openings in its geometry allow veiled views & light to permeate the structure. As a focal point located at the end of a cobalt-hued entry passage (and working in concert with other vibrantly-colored structures elsewhere within the building), the structure also functions as way-finding device within the vast plant & office complex. With a budget of $18,000, the simple layering strategy was designed to facilitate a one-man crew to execute the entire construction during night shift hours.

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