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“Trade,” an exhibit of architectural work within a trade show, stems from the concept of the trade show itself, enlisting seven emergent architecture firms to display their trade’s “measurable means” in their most elemental form: the drawing. A series of plywood forms with tilted backs display the work in the manner of a drafting table, or a plywood drawing table at a job site.

The exhibit engages the audience of this particular trade show, BKLYN Designs, by speaking to the process of the making of architecture, encouraging interaction from showgoers, many of whom have a deep interest in making, construction, and drawing itself, or, who may be about to embark on a renovation of their home, working with an architect for the first time. The exhibit seeks to act as a vehicle for introducing the architect’s tools of the trade to a larger audience, some of which may have never seen full sets of architect’s drawings.

The display incorporates those means, artifacts, and documents that define the stuff of architecture – revealing the work that happens between a project’s first meeting and its completion. Displayed collectively in a neat, organized manner, the drawings are elevated by the architectural forms that support them, as well as the scale of the exhibit.

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