Urban Lofts

Urban Lofts

Charis Gkikas & EvaggeliaFiltsou
Gazi, Athens, Greece | View Map
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Vangelis Paterakis

Urban Lofts


The Gazi area in Athens, since the ceasing of activity of the gas plant, the de-industrialization and displacement of other crafts and warehouses and the regeneration- creation of Technopolis, has become a place of culture and arts, a lively place throughout the city round the clock. The proximity to the city center of Athens, the privileged position in relation to the Piraeus street and the highways , makes Gazi an attractive place not only for recreational but also for residential purposes, aimed primarily at individuals or couple families.

The Urban Lofts building is situated at the intersection of Voutadon and Iakhou streets, alongside the complex of Technopolis. This new building is based on the philosophy of lofts apartments , with a particular focus on rough and raw materials (concrete, metal).

A commercial space is located on the ground floor, accessed from the Voutadon street , while the access to apartments is from the Iakhou street. The rest of the building is shared by five houses : four lofts per two floors and a penthouse at the top floors . The central vertical motion is conducted via the shared stairwell.

Apart from the aforementioned central architectural choices of the industrial design and two-storey blocks, the building, as a whole and as parts, will be operating in a bioclimatic fashion, reaping the most out of the sun. For this reason, the greatest possible openings are formed and are combined with both permanent and folding sunshades. These openings offer the possibility for the inner and the outer spaces to work as one.

The building facades are formed by plasticity. The folds of reinforced concrete, additional to their morphological role , are helping to create welcoming outdoor spaces for residents . The combination of the folds with the metal blinds create a canvas in the foreground of the building , while the neutral surface of the glass frames forms the background.

On the top floor, open space is created and dominated by the water element. The highly favorable view of Technopolis, Kerameikos, the Acropolis and the Lycabettus Hill in conjunction with the element of water and the industrial design, creates interesting urban associations, an urban sophistication.

The building applies the innovative program «Green Lofts» of Alpha Land Developers, which consists of the bioclimatic design, the energy saving systems and the use of environmentally friendly, fully recyclable materials.

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