Versatile Decadence

Versatile Decadence

Hsc Designs
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
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Private Houses
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Versatile Decadence : Outhouse Interiors

Hsc Designs as Architects

This project is a regeneration of an dilapidated outhouse. The client’s requirement for the project was that the outhouse is made more functional according to the use and making it environmentally sound i.e. the rodent and insect infestation.

Concept :

The outhouse was in shambles, the architectural facade, falling apart. Our team decided to redesign the space changing the interiors and adding functionality and paying homage to the existing architectural structure, an iconic structure. The site is made up of thick landscape and contoured lands. The fluid existence of the contours and stoic trees and vegetation made a very interesting micro- context for space.

The outhouse has a formal entertainment area which flows into a informal area . The cabinet which encompasses the functional necessities of the space and acts as a visual division. The fluidity of the cabinet makes for a multi-purpose usable space which includes HVAC, automation, Pantry, Media centre and storage space. This is done to open up the remaining space . The curves of the cabinet accommodate every function in a way that creates accessibility and maximum functionality. The pantry is anthropometrically designed for the user and hides the service station with physical access to the formal area and open bar to the informal area.

The Media centre is hidden behind the doors whose hinges are custom designed to facilitate a hydraulic hinge on a compound curve surface.

The material used to create the curves of the cabinet is flexi-ply molded. The fluidity of the curves and the metallic paint finish of the cabinet responds to the soft and hard landscape of the immediate context. The curves create a directionality and calmness in its dynamism.

The informal space has a jacuzzi, splash pool, two restrooms and a steam room. The curved steps, the progressively increasing size of steps, into the pool gives a visual and physical connection and a gradual ascend into the pool seamlessly connecting the waterbodies. The red colour of the pool creates contrast to the softness of the green for striking visual appeal. This colour, initially a skeptical decision for the clients is now a favourite area for the family.

The ceiling of this informal area is custom designed from the broken older facade paying homage to the existing architecture. The glass shards reflect a beautiful wave flash floating through the ceiling.

The new facade has a large framed glass, framing the view, juxtaposing metal, red colour and strong dynamic structure to the softness outside. The architect’s time spent observing the ebbs and flows of the site gives rise to this fluid and dynamic design. Each detail of the space is designed with utmost necessity of functionality without compromising on the luxury of design, giving rise to its name ‘Versatile Decadence’.

Feedback :

The best aspect of the cabinet is the tangible feeling of the curves opening up to a larger space from the turn at the edge. The children also find the cabinet fascinating due to its texture and nuance.

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