Vila Madalena

Vila Madalena

Drucker Arquitetura
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Leonardo Finotti

Vila Madalena

Drucker Arquitetura as Architects


Creating disguised transparency ambiances such as gardens, patios with pergolas, and openings partially protected by brises, Architecture has provided to tenants the desired sunlight, ventilation and privacy. Set in Vila Madalena, western district of São Paulo, a very intensively socially and culturally agitated region, this 400 m² residence was designed by architect Monica Drucker for a couple with three small children. The project occupies the whole lot. The sides have gardens, and the home faces the greenery, making the distinction between interior and exterior very slight. The large glass frames with double high ceiling open to the two sides of the house, one of them protected by brises, allowing good natural lighting, in spite of the building at the back. At the top floor, the three suites are integrated through a veranda covered with a pergola and glass. This clear and pleasant space, besides providing the necessary privacy for the bedrooms in relation to the neighboring building, is useful for the children, who can play there safely. A walkway, protected by a glass railing, leads to the suites, passing between one side of the stairway and the intimate room. At the façade, the horizontalness is enhanced by the generous cumaru sliding window, which protects the glazed openings. In order to avoid the tall claustrophobic walls, common in big cities, the solution was a wooden strips gate.

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