Villa Cocchi
Thomas Dell’Agnello
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct link
RadiatorTubes RadiatoriKubik, Rift
Binary bedroom: Orient-c Linea Light Group
Living toolsMolteni&C
Twiggy floor lamp on a dining tableFoscarini
WallpaperInkiostro Bianco

Product Spec Sheet
Binary bedroom: Orient-c
Living tools
LED profiles
Twiggy floor lamp on a dining table

An apartment on the top floor of a historic villa renovated about ten years ago but remained new, unsold. The finishes were, to say the least, cheap: ugly tile in the two bathrooms and in the kitchens and a terracotta floor damaged due to the withdrawal of the screed in all the rooms. Furthermore,  we had to respect a very tight deadline: once the customers were known, at the end of May I was informed that by early September the apartment had to be ready.


We have added proposed customers to use a floor before a self-leveling and then an epoxy resin (Kerakoll Design cement solution) that solves both the aesthetic problem and the functionality of the "embarked" floor and to cover all the walls of bathrooms and kitchen with wallcrete resin to avoid demolishing and speeding up the time. As for the changes to the walls instead, since the apartment has all the load-bearing walls, we have limited ourselves to changing the large bathroom with a bathtub. The non-service bathtub has been left in the place of a large shower and is a functional function for the washing machine and the dryer also because of the fact that the connection does not have a service environment such as a laundry, essential in a home.


This bathroom had some quirks like a mini-step of only 4 cm high in the middle of the floor that we have deliberately updated: since we could not eliminate it, we moved it forward, creating a sort of small entrance to the bathroom and adding the shower area, sink and sanitary ware in the whole level . Although the color was made to highlight this change of quote and avoid tripping by making this environment much safer from domestic accidents. The raised area of ​​the bathroom is in fact all tiffany color, the floor and walls included. The matching décor enamel was used to lacquer all the furniture made to our design that was made by our talented carpenters. Even the radiator already present has been repainted with the same turquoise tone. Oikos enamels instead for the disengagement of the rooms in millennial pink and the two opposite walls of the living.


Each room is characterized by a very decorated wall: sometimes it is wallpaper (Inkiostro bianco) as for the two bathrooms, the master bedroom and the living room; other times they are wall finishes such as the headboard of the bedroom of the bedroom and the important entrance wall that simulates a coating of oxidized sheets of me. It is so realistic that the bricklayer, after returning home to finish the work on the terrace, began to compliment me on this copper coating ... (!!!). Even the lighting project has been studied with care, intervening as little as possible with respect to existing lighting points. The light from the many Velux roof windows has been integrated with LED strips that give direct and indirect light, some embedded in the furnishings, others in the few plasterboards that have been added.

The flagship of the renovation is the small bathroom near the entrance corridor. Initially he appeared totally insipid with a very sad little shower. The wonderful taste of my Client made us immediately agree on what wallpaper to choose: a jungle effect that leaves the guest literally breathless and makes us dream. To enhance the wall, it was decided to place the Hatria washbasin on a small table made on our painted iron design and with a back-painted glass top. A graceful detail that enhances this environment even more.


Material Used :
1. Living table and entrance bench: LAGO design
2. Lamps: Panzeri (LED profiles), Foscarini (Twiggy floor lamp on a dining table); Linea Light (binary bedroom: Orient-c


Furnishing fabrics:
1. Living tools: Molteni
2. Wall paintings: Oikos, Valpaint and Novacolor
3. Wallpaper: Inkiostro Bianco
4. Resina floors, bathrooms and kitchen: Kerakoll Design, color WR05
5. New radiators: Tubes
6. Other furnishings: design by Rachele Biancalani Studio

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