Villa Plus

Villa Plus

Waldemarson Arkitekter
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Åke E:son Lindman

Villa Plus

Waldemarson Arkitekter as Architects

Villa Plus is built on a seaside plot with spectacular views of the ocean, at the border between rocks and the open sea. Nature is characterized by the sky and sea dramatic shifts, sunlight reflecting in the sea and strong winds sweeping through the Baltic Sea.

The volume creates a strong contrast with the natural surroundings. The house lands like a ship on the shore, forming a clear pragmatic structure on the untouched nature. The building is located in a low level and closer to the shore than it is usual, which makes the design a specific challenge. There can be waves sweeping far beyond the shoreline.Due to this fact, the house is beared by a system of columns, allowing the waves to simply pass under the house.

The customer had a desire to capture the surroundings and the sea and create a place with spaces for social life as well as contemplation and calm .

The house faces openly the sea and turns its back to the city life. Although being a summer house it offers the same comfort as a permanent dwelling, but life here is a reminder of the distance to the city and the calm surroundings.

The design is contemporary and the construction method is simple and rational. The place is very difficult and some days during the construction periodit was not possible to reach itdepending on the sea and the wind. Material choices are made to create an affinity with the environment. All bearing walls are covered with untreatedpine panels on both sides. Since the site is extremely exposed to wind and water the choice of materials was limited to those which could withstand the effects of weather and age beautifully. Over time, the boards will become silverish and blend in with the pine forest around. By allowing the untreated pine panel to breathe and age naturally, we got a completely maintenance freefacade.

The building entrance is located in an axis that connects to a trail that follows down to the jetty. The ground floor houses along its long side a spacious living room with a fireplace, kitchen, bathroom and three bedrooms. The upper floor is accessed via a narrow staircase, and consists of a studio overlooking the ocean. The border between indoors and outdoors is blured by using the same materiality. Openings in the walls and atriums with sheltered terraces divide the volume of the building in spacious areas and intimate passages. These contrastsgenerates movement between the rooms. Glazed walls create a connection between the sea at the southeastern side and the sheltered northwest side, and bringin the feeling of nature.

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