Tribu architecture
Lausanne, Switzerland
Project Year
Michel Bonvin

Housing building

Tribu architecture as Architects

6 homes for rent

Pierced from side to side by a staircase, the volume seems hollowed out by a gallery. In one glance, the three levels are connected making the whole organization of the house readable. From the threshold, the gaze is drawn upwards, from which a zenith light illuminates the space in the manner of a sacred place. The skylight, which could be likened to a chimney, ends the open staircase to the sky like an observation window.

In the west dwellings, this tube induces spaces sometimes above sometimes below, making it perceptible wherever one is. These unusual spaces, with a very steep slope, welcome children's games or an office area. From outside, the skylight confers an identity to the building, it is not a reported element but a deformation of the roof which folds like a fragile sheet. To accentuate this lightness, it ends with fine eaves held by golden crutches that reflect the expression of the locksmith.

Material Used :

1. Mixed structure - carrier frame made of concrete, metal pillars and prefabricated wooden envelope

2. Wood prefabricated - framework, triple paneled ceilings, zinc-titanium exterior veneer, IGP gold-plated, non-load-bearing, IGP frosted crutches

3. Peripheral insulation facade, crisp and clear crushed glass

4. Windows - PVC-Metal, IGP gold heat-dyed

5. Roofing terraces - Larch wood, colorless treatment

6. Stairwell - Walls, Ceiling and Floor_ Exposed Concrete

7. Paint on interior walls - RAL 9016

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