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Project • By Najmias Office for Architecture NOAPrivate Houses

Casa FRN

Simple lines that hide a complex architecture and a luminous spatiality.The FRN House is located in front of the golf course of the Club Universidad de Buenos Aires in the gated community CUBA. The requirements for the project were very ambitious. The clients wanted a house with a tight surface area of no more than 350 sqmt, but they wanted a wide variety of spaces, all of which should be spacious and generously sized. Finally we agreed on the architectural program: a master suite with dressing room, three bedrooms en suite for the children, living room, dining room, kitchen, quincho, playroom, laundry room, a storage room and a maid’s room. @NOA, cgi: Pix Visuals However, this was not all. In addition to the multiplicity of de... More

Project • By MDAD - Matheus Diniz Arquitetura e DesignCommunity Centres


            Casa Una is a multipurpose building that serves as a focal point for a new open mixed use neighborhood in the city of Pelotas, Brazil. Located in the public park that is the heart of the new neighborhood, the building houses a café, multipurpose hall, commercial showroom and office space. It also houses a social program for high school students of the city’s public education system. The building’s main attractor is its public and accessible roof; it functions as an extension to the park and offers an elevated lookout to the neighborhood under construction.   Cristiano Bauce Cristiano Bauce Cristiano Bauce             The desi... More

Project • By Touloukian Touloukian IncOffices

Newbury Street Office Suite

Previously an existing storage space for a tailor, an open office plan on the third floor of a historical building along Newbury Street in Boston was designed for a real estate development company. The inspiration for this renovated office suite was discovered when the existing ceiling was removed and a panel formed vaulted concrete structure was revealed. This moment of realization focused the ceiling as a main design feature and evoked an architecture of connectivity between spaces. Anton Grassl Anton Grassl Anton Grassl At any point within the office suite, one remains visually connected to the design feature as well as the individuals utilizing the space. Both clerestory glass partitions and select glass openings between... More

Project • By JDA Co.Private Houses

The House at Lizard Island

Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and the tropical sting of heat and sweat on your skin. It’s Lizard Island – 240 kilometres north of Cairns on the fringes of the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef. Home to unparalleled natural beauty and now ‘The House’ – new architecturally designed accommodation deeply inspired by its place. Peter Bennetts Peter Bennetts The House, designed by architects JDA Co., is a true passion project of owners Steve and Jane Wilson, borne from years of planning and a desire to create the greatest ‘reef house’ in the world, on a site Steve refers to as the “Bennelong Point of the Great Barrier Reef”.  Peter Bennetts Peter Benn... More

Project • By Kit ArchitectsCare Homes

Health Centre Rosenthal

In the heritage-protected core of the municipality of Wald ZH, between the village centre, the railway station and the parish church, a building was constructed, the Rosenthal Health Centre, which unites the facilities of the Drei Tannen Foundation under one roof and anchors them in the village. Ruedi Walti In terms of size, the new building is oriented towards the existing manufactories from the textile heyday. The three staggered building sections respond to the varying scales and orientations of the context and create varied outdoor spaces. The pigmented, blasted concrete element façade borrows its colour from the neighbouring buildings. Like a fabric, it covers the compact body and creates a nuanced play of shadows. In dial... More

Project • By Kit ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House above the lake

The "House above the Lake" is situated on the northern slope of Lake Zurich. The sculptural building is enclosed by its rough surface facing the slope-side street, while it opens up towards the lake through its generous windows. Ruedi Walti Considering the topographical conditions and the positioning of surrounding buildings and trees, the private areas have been concentrated on the middle floor. This arrangement allows the attic and garden floors to be utilized as living spaces, with one offering an almost uninterrupted view of the lake, and the other providing direct access to the garden. The centerpiece of the house is the two-story entrance, which serves as a walk-in sculpture, incorporating exposed concrete and walnut wood to har... More

NewsNews • 12 Jun 2023

Glazed crimson tiles meet wood and exposed concrete in this vibrant workspace designed by Yatofu

In the historic neighbourhood of Hongkou, a district in Shanghai known for its compact alleyway houses called lilongs, Yatofu Creatives designed a dynamic workplace for INMEDIA, a Shanghai-based creative consultancy. With a vision to create a workspace that embodies versatility and innovation, Yatofu embarked upon designing a dynamic environment that not only caters to diverse work styles but also mirrors the forward-thinking essence of the company. Wen Studio Wen Studio Seeking inspiration from the legacy of lilongs and colourful alleys of Southern Europe, the design reimagines the office setting as a lively, community-based workspace. The layout is planned in two zones representing the interior and exterior of alleyway... More

NewsNews • 25 Mar 2023

Atelier Write designs an improvisational studio space in Tokyo for New-York based brand OVERCOAT

New York-based fashion brand OVERCOAT recently opened its first directly managed store designed by a local architecture studio, Atelier Write, in Tokyo, Japan. Kenta Hasegawa Atelier Write Seeking inspiration from the brand’s ideology of creating cloth-making an unparalleled experience for the customers, the studio sought an improvisational space that optimises the existing one. Kenta Hasegawa Atelier Write The interior spaces were polished and retained to make the best use of the texture of the existing concrete frame. High-strength joint hardware is used to reinforce the steel base of the existing ceiling, repurposed as a space to store samples and stocks with hanger bars and corrugated plates t... More

Project • By studio mk27Private Houses

Blue House

Casa Azul is a case study on how to build amidst lush and protected nature, without damaging it. The land is in Serra do Guararu, a coastal region of Atlantic Forest in the state of São Paulo, just 500 meters away from Iporanga Beach.  André Scarpa André Scarpa The project should be implemented within an area previously delimited by environmental agencies, keeping the rest of the land untouched. Architecture had to work within strict parameters to fully preserve the existing landscape and from the start, a two meters setback perimeter was defined around the projection of the house to protect the forest from construction activities.  André Scarpa André Scarpa André S... More

Project • By Velez Valencia ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Casa D.V

This house represents the tangible response to the COVID Pandemic that motivated the desire of a large number of people to migrate from the crowded cities to the countryside. People in search for a “better quality” of life. Our client identifies with the aesthetic and planning of the Minimalist movement. Simplicity and Clarity were concepts used as pillars for the design of this project. Caption The site with its incredible lush setting and expansive views afforded us an opportunity to design a very special house, however, the challenge arose after the client expressed his desire to develop most of the functions in one level and the topography of the site demanded a different response. The team (Architects and Structural... More

NewsNews • 28 Feb 2023

ASAS Arkitektur converts an old military bunker into a multi-use pavilion in Norway

Located in Fosen, a picturesque peninsula with a stunning landscape of the Norwegian Sea in the west and Trondheimsfjord in the east, the Brekstad is an adaptive reuse of a former military bunker into a multipurpose pavilion by ASAS Arkitektur.  Kristoffer Wittrup ASAS arkitektur ASAS arkitektur The design program of the pavilion is versatile and can be used for hosting private or social events, lectures and site visits related to the nearby farm. An open plan allows flexibility and adaptability to various needs, giving the pavilion a dynamic character.  Kristoffer Wittrup ASAS arkitektur In contrast to its prior use of defence and protection, the floating form of the structure is... More

NewsNews • 26 Feb 2023

Exposed concrete blocks and pyramidical roofs define the architecture of Poder Judicial De Santa Fe

Office of Architecture of the Santa Fe Judiciary renovated the Zonal Ombudsman office no. 5 under the Building Renovation Plan administered by the Supreme Court of Justice of Santa Fe city. The architecture office also participated in the adjudication procedure, construction inspection, and final acceptance of the project. Ramiro Sosa Office of Architecture of the Santa Fe Judiciary The programme comprises a reception area, offices for staff, a secretary and defender, a mediation room, and restrooms for workers and individuals with disabilities. The project, built in an essentially residential area, took its distinguishing features and developed new unique ones. Ramiro Sosa Orientated along the north-south direc... More

Project • By Read StudioPrivate Houses

Big Trees Small Plants

Brief _ The brief was for a 4-bedroom house on 40 perch land, with all the service areas and related amenities. The question was how to organise the brief through connections, overlaps and separations of spaces to create the right matrix. We were taken on a tour to see the client’s existing house, to see the little rituals that have been developed over the years that they would want to bring to the new house; it was a great insight and a briefing. Eresh Weerasuriya Eresh Weerasuriya Inspiration _ Seeing the site with tall trees with canopies was inspiring. We aimed to incorporate the garden into the overall experience in various nuances: physical presence, visual and physical connections, shade and shadows, breeze and rustl... More

NewsNews • 19 Feb 2023

Turtle Architects transform a Korean ancestral property into an experiential abode

Built on an ancestral site in Goseong, Gyeongsangnam-do, lasting eight generations, the Dolmenic house designed by Turtle Architects is an ode to tectonics, traditions, and spatial memory.  © Lee Gangseok The site comprised an old traditional Korean wooden house which had to be dismantled. The new 200sqm residence reuses the old building materials like wood, roof tiles and foundation rubble, continuing its lifecycle. The new design incorporates two unique features of the site, a historic well and a dolmen (rock tomb from the Bronze age), as integral spatial elements.  © Lee Gangseok TURTLE Architects The well became the main point of reference around which the design evolved. The terraced for... More

NewsNews • 31 Jan 2023

Folded wing roof and ceramic lattice define the Soledad Sevilla Studio by Antonio Cayuelas

Housed in the flourishing plains on the perimeter of the urban area of the Otura village, the Soledad Sevilla artist studio, designed by Antonio Cayuelas, is a result of a creative process that started ten years before with a mutual and shared interest in the Vega de Granada's agricultural architecture, specifically the tobacco drying sheds. Fernando Alda Located on a small, extended plot of land that is split into two main and auxiliary longitudinal bands that face north and open to a plain that is home to an irrigated olive grove, the built volume folds towards the south, shielding itself from the summer sun with a triangular latticework that has a similar but more pronounced geometry to the nearby drying sheds. Fernando Al... More