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Project • By NOA StudioPrivate Houses

House in Tskneti

This contemporary house, built with a single material - concrete, is one of the first of its kind in this region and sets a precedent for others. Located on the sloped landscape in a highly populated neighbourhood of Tbilisi Hills, the house is elevated above the street level, being invisible to the surroundings and open to the views of Caucasus mountains.   The main challenge of this project was to develop a private house on a land plot with a big slope and very densely populated surroundings.  The goal was to protect visually the house from the neighbors and at the same time expose it to the beautiful view of the Caucasus Mountains. Slope is facing North, so another challenge was to bring the sun into the house. The feeling o... More

Project • By Pitsou Kedem ArchitectsPrivate Houses

In Praise of Shadows – The Corten house

The mashrabiya is made of Corten steel boards, which has given the Corten home its name. Made in the style of mashrabiya designed to trick, hide and confuse – it is used as a means to obscure the protagonist of the story – located at the thin seam between modern sculpture and architecture – the unknown, the void.   Modernist sculpture is not some puerile impulse to observe a beautiful object but rather the desire to experience expansion and strengthening. It is these that enable the space to become an independent entity.   On both sides of an empty space are located the bedrooms, kitchen, and other rooms of the home – the dimensions of their size are framed and emphasized in simple, exposed, concrete be... More

NewsNews • 24 Dec 2020

Top 10 concrete projects of 2020

Earlier in the year we covered A compact history of concrete and A guide to designing with concrete. Now we look at the projects of this year that use concrete in inspiring and innovative ways.  Laurian Ghinitoiu 1. Webster flagship store by David Adjaye After a comprehensive renovation of the LA Beverly Center by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas in 2018, David Adjaye attaches a pink flagship store for the Webster to the monolithic eight story structure. Reminishinct of the crimson hued Ruby City museum, David Adjaye opts another time for a striking pigmented concrete materialization.     Pedro Pegenaute 2. Aranya Art Center by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office Composed primarily of various textured concre... More

NewsNews • 18 Dec 2020

Chipperfield completes limestone Kunsthaus extension in Zürich

At the virtual opening ceremony of the Zürich Kunsthaus Extension David Chipperfield expressed his delight over the common desire for quality of craftsmen and contractors that resulted in the immaculate realization of the new Swiss museum. © Noshe “The way we have selected and used materials follows the primary idea of exposing the load-bearing structure of the building, making it both visible and tangible. We have only added a few key materials, which dress the exposed concrete rather than cover it up: marble, brass and wood. In the construction phase, we were able to rely on Swiss craftsmanship, which draws on a long tradition and constantly pushes forward newdevelopments.”Jan Parth, Project architect at Davi... More

Project • By PBeB Paolo Belloni ArchitettiCommunity Centres

New Church and Parish Center in Cavernago

“An embrace joining together two parishes for a common mean” is the leading topic of the project, that includes the new church, the parish center and the parish house. The gesture of the "embrace"is the reference defining the fundamental structure of space and the role of the new parish center as a place of aggregation and inclusion, open to everybody. The aim of the center is to sew very distinct functions in a recognizable architectural uniqueness in the territory, drawing inspiration from the theme of the fence, as in the near monumental castles and in the “cascine”, the typical rural settlements of the area. Assuming that asacred place should be a site to linger, a landmark truthful and solid for contemplation,... More

Project • By Estudio BespokePrivate Houses

Mouette House

The project is marked by the resulting lot shape due to the building of a future street. For this reason the program is developed by occupying the est side of the lot, keeping the main garden between the construction itself.   The general program occupies two volumes, satisfying the client needs, and aligned with the mentioned future street.   The smaller of the volumes will cover the needs for maintenance and enjoyment of the pool, located at the center of the lot.   The most generous volume in surface corresponds to the main house, which is being designed based on the desire of the property to generate an inner courtyard around which the entire house is deployed.   This courtyard, which suffers from the weather... More

Project • By Anibal BizzottoPrivate Houses

House in La Comarca

We were commissioned with planning and constructing a house for a single family in a growing gated community located in Tigre area on the Buenos Aires suburbs. This will be the client’s - a young couple and their toddler - first owned house. In our first visits to the grounds, we decided to take on the challenge of projecting the building with a distinct use of the terrain. It is common in this type of communities to use the withdrawn areas of the plot as virtual limits between neighbouring houses for which square footprints will tend to be the guiding shape of the different floors on houses, producing compact shapes with big spaces on the sides. We focused on setting our house apart from these direction.   Our project incorpor... More

Project • By CsO arquitecturaPrivate Houses

Casa en un Viñedo

Casa en un Viñedo (House in a Vineyard) was completed in 2005 as a single-family residence. For over a decade, its design still carries a modernity upheld by the integrity of minimalism. Taking on a simple bar typology, its configuration is divided into three parts: two solid volumes on either side and a permeable glass skin in the centre. Diagrammatically, this division separates private with public programmes within the space: communal activities like dining and playing are placed strategically to invite visual and physical gathering points from all directions, opening up to a concrete patio with a water body that eases up the vast land of vegetation.   Inside the dwelling, the colour white from furniture and wall partitions... More

Project • By Brandlhuber+Offices

0113 Brunnenstraße 9

The gallery and studios at Brunnenstraße 9 are built on the foundations of a ruin, which was the result of a bad investment in the 1990s. This made the site unattractive to corporate investors who were buying empty lots at the time and enabled architect Arno Brandlhuber, both investor and builder, to purchase the site for the running costs minus the demolition expenses. When the plot was purchased in 2007, only a couple of walls and parts of the basement ceiling remained, alongside the elevator shaft and an entrance passage. Instead of removing this original structure, it was included and developed further in the new design. At the time, Berlin’s Senate Department for Urban Development was promoting a Critical Reconstruction age... More

Project • By Chapuis Royer architectesRestaurants

Diderot University Restaurant

This site, chosen for the Grenoble campus in the early 1960s, was well outside the city, on a wooded terrain with beautiful view of the mountains. Several emblematic university buildings were built in this privileged environment, some of which have since been listed as 20th-century heritage buildings for their architectural qualities, chiefly among which the use of concrete. Facing these buildings, remarkable from the point of view of their design, the Diderot restaurant honors this ensemble, enriching the architectural language of its surroundings by strengthening the dialog between the various projects on the site. The building’s simple and easy to read architectural language is mostly transparent on the ground floor thanks to broa... More

Project • By Akl ArchitectsPrivate Houses


Conceived as a concrete bunker perpendicular to the view, the insertion of the project defies its context. Inspired by industrial warehouses, the “three slopes” house benefits from wide openings framing the view. The unidirectional house merges from the ground. The east side starts as the extension of the mineral landscape and ends into two cracks; the first one acting like a cavity for wild plants and the other serves as the main walkway leading to the entrance. This mass of concrete, interacts with its surroundings, by tracing the lines and shadows of this geometrical brutalist architecture and merging the interior spaces to the blue sky with the upper openings on the inclined roofs. Natural light embraces the spaces, where... More

Project • By A6A - atelier 6 architectureShops

060 . LE SPOT

The municipal complex of Saint-Palais-sur-Mer is the first part of the large-scale urban project defined by the Town Hall: beyond the planned public buildings, including this multi-functional block, the city wishes to focus on the re- qualification of the public spaces which will connect them the beach with the lake. Mineral and plant esplanades will enliven this route punctuated by new equipment. Our intervention favors the urban form of an independent block, prioritizing the public passages around it. The rugged topography of the site allows us to play with spaces that dominate others, occasional views of the gardens below, and with a changing volumetric cutout. A white concrete object, which contains the projection room, domina... More

Project • By Estudio Bher ArquitectosHospitals

CIO Salud Facilities

The success of the project resides in the union –both visually and functionally-, of the two floors of the premises, which were previously perceived as totally segregated spaces. Our strategy has been to bet on joining by emptying. This emptiness becomes materialized in a double height entrance hall, paralleled to the façade, which is generated by breaking the slab of the first floor, and where we also place the new elevator. The ground floor welcomes patients. The main medical activity happens on the first floor, which has very short height and is very deep from the street alignment. We have designed a ceiling whose geometry breaks with the linearity of the space, which, added to the uneven arrangement of the partitions that... More

Project • By LANZA AtelierPrivate Houses

House T

We were commissioned to convert two old houses into a new house for an artist and producer young couple. The original residences were very compartmentalized and dark, with a height difference between them of 50 cm. We decided to save this height and connect both houses with an exposed concrete staircase, with four sections that serves as the heart of the project.   The staircase, which is covered by a large dome, functions in turn as a light box that introduces natural lighting to the four floors of each volume. This vertical element of communication opens onto a large interior patio that connects all levels and encourages open-air domesticity.   The materials used in the interiors and in the furniture give unity to the differ... More

Project • By TOOP architectuurPrivate Houses


Open fields and acres with some scattered barns form the context for this project. Originally one could find an old – more like a ruin – kind of barn on this plot. Instead of  trying to recover a ‘palliative’ building structure, we decided to demolish it and build a compact square volume that has a minimal expression and impact on the environment. The house had to have a pronounced character but we did not want it to be dominant. Looking from the street the building feels quiet closed. An alternation of reddish wood, planked concrete and glass define the façade and give the building its natural expression. Once on the inside the building opens up towards the fields and wide views of the plot. The surround... More