Watermill Residence

Watermill Residence

XS Space

Khanna Schultz
Water Mill, NY, USA
Project Year
Private Houses
Scott Frances

Watermill Residence

XS Space as Architects

Working with architects Khanna-Schultz and Summerhill Nursery, this 5,000 sq. foot weekend house in Watermill, NY was completed in September 2012. The overall geometry of the architecture segments the larger site into smaller spaces that are each further defined by the character of the landscape and the plantings. The house is arranged around a courtyard which is defined by a a large man- made mound created by the excavation on site, serving to anchor the house to the site and creating a sculptural visual centerpiece. The mound is covered with a carpet of evergreen perennials and a grove of crepe myrtles. Using plantings that are native to the area, such as birches, maples and ornamental grasses and perennial flowers, the landscape was developed in tandem with the architecture in order to create a relaxing weekend retreat for it’s owner.

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