Wellness Centre at Hôtel des bains

Wellness Centre at Hôtel des bains

Artau Architectures
Waimes, Belgium
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Wellness Centre at Hôtel des bains

Artau Architectures as Architects

The project combines an ecological approach (natural materials, best comfort and hygiene of the building) with the wish to give a new image to the building.

The whole is expressed with simple volumes in order to recreate a privatised atmosphere with transparent elements to accentuate the proximity to the surrounding nature. Its modern architecture respects the context as well as the nature. The indoor pool and the wellness centre have been « wrapped » in a wooden framework and an open joint cedar cladding, which gives more homogeneity to the different parts of the existing building. The horizontal volume opens largely towards the lake which can be accessed via the terraces resembling a series of stairs.

The entirely glazed spa is situated under the new roof descending from the main volume. This transparent bathing zone is a mineral zone close to the surrounding nature.

Finally a new terrace offers a privatised and warm space that relies on the simplicity of the local natural materials: cedar wood and (sand)stone.

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Ryogoku Yuya Edoyu Spa
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