Werf 44 - Cultural centre

Werf 44 - Cultural centre

CONIX RDBM Architects
Schoolstraat, 2970 Schilde, Belgium | View Map
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Werf 44, Cultural centre

CONIX RDBM Architects as Architects


Werf 44 is a new construction project characterised by sustainability and energy-efficient construction. The underlying philosophy of the project is to bring people and culture together in the town. The centre houses various functions that are clustered together based on functionality. Architecturally, the design has resulted in an easily accessible culture centre when the materials radiate sustainability and functionality.



On the ground floors, there is a cafeteria, including two kitchens, one of which is suitable for meetings, with a lounge/foyer space and a restaurant. On the outside, there is a space south-facing terrace that gives the building an extra dynamic and sense of perception. Central to all this is the large concert or theatre hall. It has a capacity of 300 people. A second hall offers place for another 120 people. A small ticket office with a counter and window is suitable for ticket sales and providing information.


The first floor includes the caretaker’s residence, space for checks and safety, and several multipurpose rooms and meeting rooms. Different organisations will be able to find space here and make use of the rooms. One of the most prominent users is the music academy. The planning of all activities will run such that the community centre will be available for as many different meetings as possible at all times, strengthening the interaction between all users.



The design creates a highly accessible centre where people and culture connect with each other: it is a place where people can meet each other within a setting of culture, whether they are from businesses or other organisations, or there for personal relaxation.


The building is suitably articulated and to the greatest extent possible, it fits in with the scale of the neighbouring buildings. Particular emphasis has been placed on a strong relationship between the inside and the outside. The materials used indoors and outdoors correlate, and the wind screening on the ground floor opens the building to its environment. Large windows on the upper floor add to this effect.


The design is based around functionality and creates meaningful spaces. The building forms a ‘landscape’ with multifunctional boxes. The rooms for human traffic and can also be used as exhibition spaces. The lines of sight raise the foldability and dome lights allow for natural daylight.



The different materials and colours used create a particular dynamism in the appearance of the façades themselves. The materials are simple and exemplify sustainability. The largest part of the surface of the façades has been finished in ceramic tiles with a light beige colour; a smaller section has been profiled in dark anthracite. The different materials emphasise the different functions of the building. 



BEN stands for ‘almost energy neutral’. A large number of technical interventions have made the community centre a BEN building.


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