Whidbey Island Home

Whidbey Island Home

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Whidbey Island, Washington, USA - Build completed in 2016
​​Andrew Giammarco​​

Whidbey Island House

Hoedemaker Pfeiffer as Architects

Rather than build a larger new home the team opted to maintain the charm and modesty of the existing beach cottage on this waterfront property. The building was reimagined from the ground up allowing the team to play to the building’s strengths while eliminating the most dated and awkward elements. Working with a brave client, a new luxury retreat was created that feels as humble as any Puget Sound beach house should.

Architecture: Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

Interior Design: Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

Art Curation: Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

Landscape: Kenneth Philp Landscape Architects​​

Contractor: Chrysalis Custom Builders

Photography: ​​Andrew Giammarco​​

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