Wunderpark School and Community center

Wunderpark School and Community center

R3C4+R7 Knyazh'ye Ozero, Moscow Oblast, Russia | View Map
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Daniel Annenkov

School recently completed by ARCHSTRUKTURA in Moscow region, with spectacular cantilevered classrooms and transformable atrium with ampitheatre, converts to a cultural community center.


Site located in Moscow region, in actively developed suburban area. Due to its location, we extended all outdoor school areas. Sport sector, playgrounds, and plenty space for outdoor learning.

The architectural concept emphasizes the connection of interior and exterior. Panoramic glazing transmits the maximum amount of light and offers views. Smooth lines of ground floor's glass wall repeat the plasticity of the relief, erases border with the surrounding landscape. Cantilevers with classrooms form a roof for seasonal outdoor lessons. Variety of activities made possible with simple, yet effective solutions, such as benches of different sizes and shape, amphiteatre. These features extended functionality of premises, located inside.

The innovative spatial solution corresponds to the progressive educational program of the school. We tried to make space, which would be unconventional, inspiring, provoking communication, educational.  And as we start going from functionality of innovative school, it become to shape building. The building is intuitive, diverse space, similar to the urban environment: streets, squares.

Heart of the building is atrium with an amphitheater. Moving walls turn the atrium into a transformer: it can become a theater, a cinema hall, a lounge, a communication hub, open area for presentations, project work. We created space to create and share ideas. The open, permeable structure of the building provides a lot of light and open space, constant visual control, always at least 2-3 diferent levels are in the field of view. Though, we didn’t forget introverts. There are places to seclude, cosy corners, library. Classrooms allow flexible arrangement of desks.

In this project, we share our vision of future openness, importance of local community.

One of main ideas was to make building accessible to a wider broad of people. Significant resources needed to build and maintain contemporary building. It is seems right to use it full time and open it to a greater public. We had clearly zoned building and by that, provide the opportunity to use it after the school hours. School canteen becomes cafe, atrium acts as lecture hall, theatre or cinema, art and music classes will open for local community.

The project follows the principles of sustainable design. Timeless solutions do not follow situation trends, rely on traditions, which means they will remain relevant for a long time.

The design emphasizes the quality characteristics of the space. Materials, textures, colors are carefully selected. School architecture teaches: brick, concrete, glass, wood - materials exposed and do not imitate anything. We didn't use any facing, all walls and partitions are solid construction.

The project meets the principles of sustainable development, respect for resources and minimizes physical and visual pollution of the environment. Due to location near the river, all drains thoroughly cleaned and reused.


Anton Nagavitsyn, Olga Rachkowskaya, Natalya Sokolova, Alexandra Bazunova, Anna Suvorova, Michail Fachri, Marina Kalashnikova

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