Yang’s  School Rural Library and Bookstore

Yang’s School Rural Library and Bookstore

3andwich Design / He Wei Studio
Xiyuan Town, Jianning County, Sanming City, Fujian Province, China
Project Year
Zhou Meng

Shangping Village Regeneration - Yang’s School Rural Library and Bookstore

3andwich Design / He Wei Studio as Architects

Yang’s School Area is located at the intersection of the two streams in Shang Ping Village where two main trails dispatch from the entrance. That’s the reason of being important geographically. According to historical legend, Mr. Zhu Xi, a national historian and educationalist, has lectured  in Yang’s School and created great poems as well as calligraphy here. The design of this part is to transform historical site into a tourist spot and unveil the great history of Shang Ping Village.

The design includes a few deserted agricultural buildings, such as utility rooms, cowsheds and barns. The design team hopes to transform the original buildings into a bookstore which provides space for tourists to learn about the history and culture of the village. Meanwhile, it also provide locals, especially children, with a place to get knowledge from the outside world. It is a great opportunity to indicate a well-known Chinese tradition called "Cultivation and reading is to bequeath to the family".

In the early phase of site analysis, designers found thatutility room and cowshed are very different in terms of spatial identity. The utility room is relatively tall with accommodated interiors , while the cowsheds are lower and darker. Several cowsheds are separated by rubble walls and second floors are used for storing forage originally.Spatial differences and ‘flaws’ bring about the difficulty of retrofitting these existing spaces. In the mean time, it seems to be a dramatic element for reforming architectural narrative, which is just an interesting moment for the project. By using the characteristics of the original space, the design team defined the new building as a combination of ‘Live and Calm’ .

‘Live’ refers to the sales space in Boostore transformed by utility room. It is relatively active to be here when exchanging books and sales activities happen periodically. Also, cultural products designed by the team are sold at this corner. Reading Bar is regarded as a cultural window connecting the village to the world outside. It is called ‘Guang-Yue Granary Bookstore’ .

‘Calm’ refer to reading and meditation, named ‘Jing-Ya’. It is transformed from former cowsheds. The identity of this space, connected but separatedfrom top to bottom, is special to be kept. Wood structure seats on rubble part. Two levels are separated spatially (entrance are separated) but connected logically (cow on the bottom eats forage)in function.

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