Yatsugatake Annex

Yatsugatake Annex

Private Houses
Yamanashi, Japan - Build completed in 2017
Koichi Torimura

Yatsugatake Annex

Takanori Ineyama Architects as Architects

A small residence for clients living in Tokyo and Yamanashi two bases. The client usually lives in a detached house in the center of Tokyo but while planning the child rearing of three children, the plan started to feel a little disabled part in the life of only Tokyo.


Although it is a large premises compared to the city center, since the area around the site is an area dotted with villas and residents' settlements, it was requested to establish an appropriate relationship with the surrounding environment.

Specifically, we controlled the sense of distance and the line of sight with the surrounding environment by opening and closing the surrounding trees and buildings, full roads and gardens, and closing "one wall".

Give new value to this site by proper placement of different personality place such as living, dining, outdoor bath, deck etc. in the environment created by "one wall"

This small residence plays a role to smoothly connect the lives at the two bases while compensating for missing items in the main building by positioning like 'Annex' to the city center house (main house).


Living in Tokyo and Yamanashi brings together plants and living things collected in Yamanashi's garden, such as summer holidays and year-end and New Year holidays with "stay away" for a long time, and this "home master" and " Relationship "has become concrete.

Even small buildings can have a rich place of living by having new places. Proposal of a new lifestyle realizing "distant".


Galvanized Steel sheet , Aluminum window , White painted

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