Z-BIOLOO or Temple of Poop

Z-BIOLOO or Temple of Poop

zeltini studio
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Z-BIOLOO or Temple of Poop

zeltini studio as Architects

Z-TEMPLE OF POOP is a compost toilet with a scenic view and a roof garden. A place to rest, recharge and drop the unwanted matter. Designed and built to celebrate humanure and the act of its production. The concept is to have a full circle from leaving the compost material to enjoying the fragrance of the flowers produced from it. 

It’s a timber building with off-the-shelf compost toilet unit. The poop gets composted in the unit and when ready can be transferred to the roof garden where aromatic plants with fragrant flowers grow. A fan with a chimney draws the fragrant air right into the toilet user’s face creating a fresh, pleasant and a unique experience. A second chimney with a kinetic revolving cowl ensures the bad smell is extracted and that the composting process is sped up in the composting unit. The building is insulated and pleasant to use both in the warm and cold seasons. 

Any extra compost and humanure that isn’t needed for the roof garden will be used to fertilise the adjacent land. Being a vegan household we don’t want to use animal based fertilisers. More than 7 billion people can easily fertilise this planet and there is no need for meat / dairy industries to do it for us.

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Composting toilet unit
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