Zumaia Jai Alai

beSTe as Architects

The project is conceived as an opaque and translucent envelope, using polycarbonate panels and sandwich panels, with a completely standardized assembly, creating light apertures along successive cross sections of the building and achieving an amplified effect of natural light in The inside of the installation.

As a support for this envelope system, a steel structure is created by trusses that formalize the roof. It is a simple structure from a longitudinal drawer truss located in the center of the deck from which hang two inverted triangular trusses that cover the court and the grandstand respectively.

Finally, the concrete box that constitutes the court of the pediment proper, with its corresponding frontis, left wall and rebound, where the main steel structure is mainly supported, is generated. The structure of the stand, which is generated from prefabricated elements, has just formed the space.

It is below this stage where the services annexed to the activity are distributed: services, medicine cabinet and store that generate a pile of wet elements, as well as the main entrance to the building with its corresponding distribution hall that orders the space.

In addition, a series of pavilions are set up adjacent to the main hall where the changing rooms, gymnasiums, meeting rooms, bar-cafeteria and rooms of facilities are reduced, which reduces their free height as a welcome for the spectators, while at the same time Adapts to the human scale in line with the pedestrian axis that crosses the plot. These pavilions are completely integrated into the building envelope.

The dimensions of the project are mainly determined by the spatial needs of the court and back of the pediment, as well as the rest of the conditions that require the development of the Jai-Alai game.

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