Milk Boutique in Athens
Render by Stanford Rabbit

Milk Boutique in Athens

Architectural Studio Ivana Lukovic como Architect

The project was commissioned by a traditional dairy products factory from the Attica region. Beside the milk as a basic product, the place is designed  to provide the customer with the whole new range of chef’s freshly made dairy products that could be observed, tasted and bought, thus transferring the everyday commodity to another level of experience.

Due to complex sanitary conditions required for the “in situ” production of the ice cream and milk-based sweets, the rear part of the space accommodated a double-height, separated transparent glass box, protected from the direct view of the clients by the full-height, intriguing, screen-like multiplicated metal pipe that resembles the industrial facility. By painting it in a brilliant white color, with powder process coating applied, a tougher and more durable finish than conventional paint could be achieved. The whole preparation area has been developed at three levels, connected by the sculptural staircase. The front part of the shop is designed like a continuous space inside-out thanks to the glass panels that are easily removed, erasing the boundary between them. Three focus points have been created: selling counter, degustation hut that is a visual experience on its own, and an outside square-like area for consuming the products among the wildflowers. They involve the visitor’s olfactory, along with tempting aromas that come from the preparation area. Natural light enters the space from the several sides, contributing to the oneiric effects of light and shadow.

To achieve the unity of the whole space, the monochromia of the white color is applied - fresh milk purity echo. Glossy textures of the floors and walls enrich the experience of the place by doubling its volume and creating reflections, while the exposed ventilation pipes enhance industrial feel of the interior.

The white, canvas-like space enables a perfect base for projections that introduce consumers to the production process and factory development, while changing the atmosphere and the color of the place.

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