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Project • By ulalightRestaurants

light at ling ling restaurante mx

Iconic places continue to be established in Mexico City, and for these to gain recognition from the public, it is essential to create and offer unforgettable experiences or environments. This was the premise that led the client to choose one of the most important architecture firms in the country for this project. One of its interior design directors, architect Fernanda Patiño, offer the challenge of creating decorative luminaires to ulalight, these pieces were part of the setting that was intended to be achieved.   Caption   With the experience that sixteen years of work gives, Mónica Bárcena Mastretta, director of this mexican lighting company, took the task of combining elements that will be able to... More

Project • By BIEN STUDIOApartments


The 100m2 penthouse located in the centre of Poznan is in dominant black. The functionality of the design comes from an open living room with a kitchen as a central place. Other rooms are: a study room with a library, a bedroom with a wardrobe and a full bathroom, and the guest bathroom outside the private bedroom area. Every room is accessed from a corridor with linear lighting, and walls upholstered in natural black wool that makes the space friendly. There is marble used in the bathrooms offering the interior a wealth of elegance and making it a timeless treasure. Tom Kurek Tom Kurek Tom Kurek Tom Kurek Tom Kurek Tom Kurek   More

Product • By MP LightingL182, L183 | Wine Rack Lighting

L182, L183 | Wine Rack Lighting

Winerack for single or double bottles with 1W LED per arm More

Project • By QPROApartments


Residential complex "Life on Plyushchikha" is an elite residential complex in Khamovniki district. This is the first residential building in Russia who received a gold certificate from the LEED international environmental assessment system. The building is equipped with energy-efficient lighting and automatic heat regulation, as well as fine filtration systems for water and air, thanks to which residents receive spring water from the tap and breathe fresh air, free from dust and allergens. Another important element of the eco-project is the presence of a large green courtyard with fountains. Photo: Ivan Sorokin The neoclassical building with decor, white columns and balconies is located two kilometers from the Kremlin and reminds of t... More

Project • By Derack Space + DesignPrivate Houses


A minimal exterior to stand out in its macro-context. The facade is sculpted with gaped triangular tesselation and slanted steel members used as shading devices to get absorb partial sunlight.  More
LED Splashback
Illuminated Splashback

Project • By LiteTile LtdHousing

Residential Project, UK

Our client contacted us at the beginning of their project regarding having an illuminated splashback. Having waited whilst building work ws completed, we then produced this beautiful LED illuminated splashback for our client's kitchen and they are delighted with it and said "It looks stunning, we just don't know what else to say - it's so, so lovely".  More

Project • By VONN LightingShowrooms

Lamborghini Miami

The most important element, but often overlooked in an office space is lighting. Lighting has the ability to change and affect the way a person performs and interacts within the work space. Poor lighting may cause eyestrain, headaches, and it can also affect productivity while too much light can create a glare that will cause these same symptoms. The goal was to illuminate the entire space while avoiding casting shadows and the increase of temperature coming from the light. With LED lighting, these goals are achievable.  We wanted to provide an utterly unique and thoughtfully designed lighting source for Lamborghini Miami’s Headquarters. Creating a more energetic interior combined with visual effects of dynamics and depth, the... More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsShopping Centres

Atlas Park

Draped and curved, this suspended art installation in New York City reflects adjacent accent lighting, while playing a game of hide-and-seek through the archways. More

Product • By Yellow Goat DesignImplosion


It might resemble the sparks from metal grinder but the spark here is not coming from a grinding wheel. Instead it is a burst of renewal frozen in time. Shades of metallic aluminum blades are positioned in a precise angle with each other, lit up by LED bipins between. More

Product • By LLDS LED Lighting Design SystemsLLDS-In-ground LED Linear Lighting

LLDS-In-ground LED Linear Lighting

LLDS-LG Linear LED Lighting applicable for every architectural areas, no matter inside the water or on the road (drive over) or wall&facade decoration. More

Project • By AxolightPrivate Houses

Cloudy kids room

A project by designer and artist Natalia Chetverikova featuring our beautiful Cloudy lamps designed by Dima Loginoff  More

Project • By ArchinproPrivate Houses

Casa VF

Casa VF was born on a hill surrounded by olive trees and vineyards near the city of Scicli, in the countryside of the Val di Noto: a landscape characterized by the fluid sinuosity of the hills that slope down to the sea. The house opens the view on the Mediterranean Sea and develops as a stratification of two volumes, a rectangular one which forms the ground floor and the other characterized by a triangular stratum which instead hosts the first floor. The arrangement of the volumes responds to the distribution of the housing program: the lower layer houses the living area, the kitchen, the living room and the bedrooms; the upper one, on the other hand, represents a more intimate area, an outbuilding with bedroom and bathroom and a large ter... More

Project • By ArchinproPrivate Houses

Casa Elledi

Casa Elledi was built in the early twentieth century as a noble summer house and divided over time into several properties, undergoing numerous transformations. The house has now been reunited, renovated and reorganized internally to restore the readability of the housing unit and give it new organicity. The primary task was to maintain the identity of the house, restoring it where defaced, with cutting-edge construction solutions. The study of new and existing materials was added to the seismic and structural consolidation of masonry walls and vaulted ceilings, to the total reconstruction of the pitched roof. The finish of the walls changes in relation to the use of the environment, shaping it to create a different atmosphere for each roo... More

Product • By iGuzziniRobin


Design is good when it manages to overcome the physical dimension to take on an evocative value. Robin, by architect and designer Matteo Thun, takes its inspiration from the image of birds sitting on the wires of light that invite us to look up at the sky while they scrutinise our world from above. Similarly, the small yet powerful Robin spotlights, from the top of a truly slim track, provide downwards light by rotating the optical compartment by up to 160°, as well as rotating 360° on the horizontal plane. The appeal and uniqueness of this spotlight is further enhanced by a final customisable accessory. Designed to accompany light beyond the track, it is inspired by the reticular structures spanning the dome designed by Nervi: the... More

Product • By Spaces BureauZAHA LIGHT 3- color chandelier

ZAHA LIGHT 3 color chandelier

ZAHA LIGHT three-colored triple chandelier(Publication: futuristic style ceiling chandelier with bionic avant-garde form and modern mandala designinspired by Zaha Hadid architecture. Know-how of this design is frameless soft plafonds.This chandelier will perfectly decorate private spaces such as:Child rooms, playrooms, teen rooms, contemporary design interiors, loft spaces, hallways, corridors, staircases etc.Also this chandelier ideally suitable for public spaces such as:restaurants, clubs, cafe, food courts, showrooms, art-spaces, co-workings, office receptions, meeting rooms, hotels lobby, boutiques etc.This chandelier will bring lightness and movement to space by ext... More