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Product • By LuceplanFienile - Table Lamp

Fienile - Table Lamp

Fienile, a table lamp inspired by the image of simple rural haylofts in Norway, featuring a low pitched roof and central/lateral walls in satin-finish anodized aluminium. A work of micro-architecture that projects soft, warm light from above onto a lower surface, giving rise to unusual compositions of brightness and shadow. The light slides along the lateral walls with a wall-washer effect, created by the LED sources with dimmers, by means of a touch function. More

NewsNews • 18 Feb 2021

Ateliers Jean Nouvel wraps a continuous spiral ramp with convex glass in between four granite pillars for Dolce & Gabbana’s new Seoul flagship store

Ateliers Jean Nouvel sets a cylinder of convex glass between four black granite pillars for the new Dolce & Gabbana Seoul flagship store. Located in Seoul’s main luxury retail street, the building is characterized by a continuous marble ramp that goes all the way to the roof terrace.  ©Dolce&Gabbana. Ateliers Jean Nouvel. Jean Nouvel Design Shoppers are invited up the spiral to discover the Dolce & Gabbana Collections in an interior dominated by black. Glossy black glass, gray concrete and black anodized aluminium contrast with warm mango wood shelves.   ©Dolce&Gabbana. Ateliers Jean Nouvel. Jean Nouvel Design The display made of a modular interplay of shelves and rods at different... More

NewsNews • 30 Jul 2020

Diller Scofidio + Renfro wraps warped US Olympic and Paralympic Museum in 9,000 uniquely shaped anodized aluminum panels

Diller Scofidio + Renfro shape the US Olympic and Paralympic Museum as a tribute to the athlete’s movements. At the foot of the Rocky Mountains, in Colorado Springs, the 60,000 sf building includes 20,000 sf of galleries, a state-of-the-art theater, event space and cafe.  Jason O'Rear Accessibility was a key factor from the start. The design team consulted Paralympic athletes and persons with disabilities that lead to a route of ramps that guide visitors downhill a gentle-grade. 6 feet wide ramps can accommodate side-by-side movement of two visitors including a wheelchair.  Jason O'Rear The structure consists of a steel frame superstructure anchored by cast-in-place concrete lateral cores. The architects wrapped... More

Project • By L&L Luce&LightOffices

Plastic Stratosfera

In 2018, the headquarters of Plastic Stratosfera – a company that specialises in speciality media for the graphics and paper industries – were renovated under the direction of architect Patrik Spreafico. The renovations included work on the external facade and the square in front of it. The facade was clad in dark grey, rippling metal panels that contrast with the orange shade used for its central band. In between the panels, Updown 3.6 single-beam outdoor wall-mounted fixtures were installed. The architect chose 15° narrow optics for these 3000K white-light fixtures and an anodized aluminium finish, so that they blend in with the cladding. The regularly spaced vertical light beams produced by the... More

Product • By AlumetAlugreen


As a specialist in anodizing aluminium, Alumet also knows how to colour it in different matt and glossy colours. If, for example, you want green anodized aluminium, you’re at the right place at Alumet. With an electrochemically proces and metal salts, we turn plain aluminium into colour anodized aluminium.Always the bestGreen anodized aluminium is created using metal salts which are poured in the pores of the product during an electrochemically proces. This process results in a coloured layer that is fully integrated in the aluminium and cannot peel or chip. All green anodized aluminium products meet high quality standards, such as QUALANOD and BS, and are very durable. Thanks to the use of metal salts the green adonized products are... More

Product • By AlumetALUBLUE


Will blue anodized aluminium make your project look better? Then you’re at the right place at Alumet. We’re experts in anodizing and offer a lot of different colour possibilities. The colours aren’t applied as a layer, but are fully integrated with the aluminium.How do we do itAt Alumet whe have a very modern and specialized machine park. Here we can anodize, colour, brush, polish and grind aluminium in no time. For colouring anodized aluminium, for example blue, we use a electrochemical process to make the top layer into an decorative, wear-resistant, sustainable and corrosion-resistant oxide layer. To give the anodized aluminium the blue colour Alumet uses metal salts. They are deposited in the pores and modified electro... More

Product • By AlumetALURED


Who’s looking for red anodized aluminium, is at the right place at Alumet. We anodize aluminum in different colours by using metal salts and an electrochemical process. Our machinepark is modern and well equipped. Therefore our possibilities in anodizing are huge.About anodizingAlumet is both experienced and knowledgeable in anodizing aluminium. During our electrochemical process aluminium is converted into a durable, decorative, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant oxide layer. This layer is fully integrated in the aluminium which makes colouring still possible. Colouring anodized aluminium red is done by the use of metal salts instead of colour pigments. All anodized aluminium meets high quality standards and is extremely durable.... More

Project • By Denkkamer Architectuur & OnderzoekOffices

VDG Head office

Located at a roundabout, near the village of Gemert, the new VDG headquarters building marks the gateway to the local business parks Wolfsveld and Smartpark.VDG consists of several construction-related companies. The office building accommodates among others, space to VDG De La Roy, specialised in custom free form products out of insulation material, contractor VDG Unibouw, VDG Real estate and VDG Solar. In the design process the functional distribution is driven by specific requirements of the diverse companies. VDG De La Roy is located at the ground floor adjacent to the production facility in the hall. The first floor has been enlarged to give VDG Unibouw the desired extra space in order to be able to operate from one single floor. The s... More

Project • By Denkkamer Architectuur & OnderzoekOffices

Head office KeenSystems

KeenSystems headquarters is situated along the ring road around the village of Gemert. The decision to not establish their new office building for their rapidly expanding hi-tech company in the city of Eindhoven comes from the desire to operate from a very much green and inspiring environment. The technology developed by KeenSystems does not necessarily needs a physical relation with a city or a high-tech campus. The software is developed, tested and maintained from Gemert. The hardware is located in Amsterdam on top of world’s most relevant internet hubs.The noise barrier that follows the ring road and protects the residential area behind it from the traffic noise is continued and completed. In this way we aspire to strengthen the pr... More

Product • By KLEIN europeSlid


Slid is designed to create environments with one or two wood or metal panels, creating more clearance without overlooking the minimalist design of the system. New version enriched with KSC (KLEIN Soft Closing) braking system Sliding wood door system. Silver anodized aluminum profile (AA10 ISO 7599, 10 microns). Exposed or concealed profile. For doors up to 150 Kg. Clean and innovative design. Easy door installation and disassembly. Vertical height adjustment. Three applications available: LATERAL, RETRAC, INTRA (on wall, recessed or pocket). Wall, ceiling, or false ceiling installation.   More

Project • By Cut ArchitecturesPrivate Houses

House Extension For A Cellist PART II

2 years after the first construction stage completion (a rehearsal room for a cellist, a parking space and the interior restructuration of the existing house), CUT architectures is commissioned for the a new phase of extension.   The construction is a concrete volume inserted between the western façade of the existing house and the neighbor’s house, offering an entrance and a desk to the whole house. Aligned with the bedrock of the existing house clad with anodized expanded aluminum panels hiding the glazed entrance door the extension is based on the same design principle as the previous one.   A concrete frame echoes the previous project and the painted frames of the windows of the existing house above the expand... More

Product • By iGuzziniLight Up Earth flush frame

Light Up Earth flush frame

The Light Up collection is specifically designed to be versatile. Designers do not have to ask themselves whether an effect can be created, as anything is possible, in any dimension, application or environment, from residential to urban. Ceiling, wall, floor and ground installations. Concentrated and open distributions with super spot, spot, medium, flood and elliptical optics. Vertical excellence with wall washer optics. Ultimate visual comfort in versions with diffused light or graphic effects with light blade lenses. Beam adjustability and accessories to construct personalised light scenarios. No limits, only an infinite degree of freedom.• Floor/ground-mounted recessed luminaire intended for use with LED light sources.• Compri... More

Project • By Patrick Schweitzer & Associés ArchitectesOffices

Office Building

The ground floor of the building is mainly devoted to commercial spaces, a dental practice is also located there. The three floors and the attic are dedicated to office space. The roof of the third floor is partly laid out as a terrace accessible via the attic offices. The non-accessible parts of the roof are vegetated by intensive and rustic planting, which constitutes a qualitative environmental contribution. Apart from the green roof, the project is careful to devote a considerable amount of space to vegetation, in particular through the creation of numerous green spaces and bushes on the ground floor. The construction will be carried out in simple and natural materials in adequacy with their environment, as visible on the facade: sta... More

Product • By Brillamenti®Duomo Mini

Duomo Mini

A Led floodlight studied and created to illuminate the new exhibition area of archaeological artifacts at the Milan Cathedral; that is how this aluminium Led spotlight got its name. A compact and round item which transmits solidity and resistance.   Ready for indoor or outdoor installation it can be placed on a wall, the ceiling or floor and with its direct light and wide choice of optics it precisely illuminates the area of interest.   This Led floodlight is ideal to enhance the elements of exterior facades of public and private buildings, indicate driveways, define the outlines of open spaces such as gardens, parks and courtyards.   It is available in two v... More

Product • By KristaliaExtra large

Extra large

Luciano Bertoncini has designed a collection of large rectangular mirrors to hang on or lean against a wall, thus extending home or community spaces and making them brighter. Available in two heights and four widths, Extra Large mirrors feature a simple geometric thick frame in drawn anodized aluminium or white painted frame. The mirror surface is therefore slightly recessed so as to create an interesting perspective effect. These functional accessories that add a special touch to any context, can be hung vertically or horizontally. More