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Project • By 3ndy StudioResidential Landscape


To look at the painting or to look through the painting? Both. Architecture allows a house to be both the painting and the frame at the same time. Marco Zanta Marco Zanta The clients dreamed of living in a bright house, yet one with a dynamic character, visually integrated with the outdoor spaces and especially with the swimming pool. A house open to honoring the pleasure of friendship and hospitality. Marco Zanta More

Project • By Pietro Terlizzi ArquiteturaHousing

Casa Bosque

With 330 m², the Casa Bosque, as named by its designer, architect Pietro Terlizzi, stands out for the predominant presence of nature in its surroundings. Located in Holambra, in the interior of São Paulo, the residence was initially conceived as a summer retreat, but the enchantment of the owners went beyond expectations, as they chose it as the family's permanent residence. Originally designed for weekends, the main requirements received by the professional were to create an integrated gourmet area, proper sunlight, and lots of greenery. Guilherme Pucci Guilherme Pucci Guilherme Pucci Guilherme Pucci Guilherme Pucci Guilherme Pucci Guilherme Pucci Guilherme Pucci Guilherme Pucci G... More

Project • By Dalecki DesignHousing

The Union

With two children soon approaching their teenage years, the owners of ‘The Union’ came to Dalecki Design wanting to expand their character home in Subiaco, facilitating moments of shared family time and opportunities to retreat in solitude. Essential to the design was the creation of a functional flow, a relaxed and tranquil setting, and a linkage, or union, between old and new — all of which are addressed as an intuitive journey through the home. Jody D'Arcy The heritage character of the original house and the bright but calm feeling of the new addition are harmoniously brought together through subtle detailing, thoughtful material pairings and a sense of layered encounter. A paved link expresses the junction of the... More

Project • By Grupo CRBN | ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Casa Terra

Thiking bout new ways of living we project this house with the idea of a suburban refine look. The porpouse of the hous is to become a oasis for their owners. A scape of rush ours, hard work days and a pleacent, confortable and unique place to live in. Bruto Studio Bruto Studio Bruto Studio The idea of using natural materials, as less treated as possible. we thing of a house as a place to be desconected from the ouside and reconect with the interior of our selfs leting us express our feelings and be emotional contentded. Bruto Studio Bruto Studio waking up with an amazing view is a greath way to star our days, it let us be more centerer in the day just about to came and let us now that at the end of the day return... More

Project • By Pietro Terlizzi ArquiteturaHousing

Lima House

Built from scratch, this 400 m² house located in the heart of São Paulo (Brazil) has 3 levels: a garage on the lower floor, a social area on the ground floor, and a private wing on the upper floor. The concept was to provide all the warmth and brightness of a beach house in the city, using natural materials such as stones, wood, and bricks. The recreational complex is comprehensive and includes a barbecue area, an outdoor swing, and a pool with a suspended deck and spa. The high ceilings allow for abundant natural light and cross ventilation. Photographer Guilherme Pucci Photographer Guilherme Pucci The highlights of this project include the Gourmet Balcony - exceptionally pleasant, this area is integrated with the in... More

Project • By Casas inHAUS SLPrivate Houses

Modern architectural house in Valencia, Spain.

This fully bespoke modular house breaks into an important residential area of Valencia. The initial project began with the Formentor model from the inHAUS Collection 111 in our catalogue. However, the versatility of the architectural design of inHAUS based on modular construction and the construction system developed, allowed to introduce all the modifications desired by the owners of this house. Thus, it ended up being a 100% customised house. Casas inHAUS | Modern house Valencia Casas inHAUS | Modern house Valencia Casas inHAUS | Modern house Valencia Casas inHAUS | Modern house Valencia This single-family modular home has an L-shaped floor plan that generates a porch designed for solar protection. It is modern design... More

Project • By andrea + joan arquitectesHousing

House in the woods

House in the Woods Rehabilitation of a rural dwelling and its surroundings, as an occasional residence, understood as a refuge integrated into the forest. Pol Masip The preexisting dwelling is located within a set of disused stone walls, where a Mediterranean forest of pine and oak trees has grown over the years. The proposal seeks the restoration of the relationship between the original construction and this characteristic generic landscape, so typical of the region, deeply rooted on the cultural knowledge. Pol Masip The building has a rectangular floor plan and two stories, with a small, quite deteriorated shed attached to the rear facade, intended for agricultural use. On the ground floor, the construction is made of stone... More

Project • By Harikrushna Pattani & AssociatesResidential Landscape

Doctor's Villa Design in South Bopal

Conceptualized by a renowned architecture & interior design firm in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, this sprawling bungalow redefines the art of contemporary living. Spread across a verdant 1,200 sq. yard plot, the residence seamlessly blends grandeur with functionality, offering an unparalleled haven for families to thrive. Harikrushna Pattani & Associates Harikrushna Pattani & Associates Step inside and be greeted by an abundance of natural light and fresh air. Large, strategically placed openings blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, fostering a connection with the surrounding landscape. Lush gardens and courtyards become an extension of the living space, creating a tranquil oasis in the heart of the city. Harikrushn... More

Product • By M&TNOMAD door handle

NOMAD door handle

The NOMAD handle is the simplest yet smallest handle we've ever made.We have achieved slim and elegant versions, which we can use in addition to the minimalist one appearance also guarantee long-term durability and extraordinary structural strength. This handle is provided by the base material, which combines solid brass and special high strength stainless steel.4 components that can be combined in different colors in 11 M&T surface finishes or handles in the TOUCH variant - serrated. M&T design by Eva Le Peutrec M&T design by Eva Le Peutrec M&T design by Eva Le Peutrec M&T design by Eva Le Peutrec M&T design by Eva Le Peutrec More

Project • By yutaestudioRestaurants


Sane Coffee, which was created by overseeing branding and interior design at Yuja Studio, has derived the relaxation and comfort felt after climbing the uphill as a brand concept. It created a comfortable and relaxed mood in line with the motto of "Rest and Rest space," which is derived from geographical characteristics located at the end of the uphill along the mountain's panoramic view. Caption Caption Caption The main house, the annex, and the Jungjeong outdoor terrace surround visitors and convey the warmth of their hometown as if they were their childhood. Based on the Zen style, it is a loose but complete space with a calm color, organized layout, a contemplative view that comes into the window coolly, and a collection... More

Project • By noRonofficeFactories


A project with an industrial use that is supposed to be active in the field of production of equipment and machinery related to the mining industry. The first challenge in the design was how to create an effective connection between the office building and the production sheds so that production could be fully monitored Ali Rivandy With further research on the subject, we realized that the office building can have the same role as the processor (CPU) in the computer, in fact, the office unit has the role of analyzing, controlling and monitoring the production of the factory. Ali Rivandy Inspired by the structure of the CPU, we were able to achieve a design strategy that can establish an optimal and efficient connection between t... More

Project • By CometruePrivate Houses

Geleana Maravatío House

Galeana Maravatío House is the home of a couple. A single-family home located near the center of Maravatío, Mexico. The irregular shape of the terrain can be defined by 3 interlocking squares with a longitudinal orientation from south to north.  Ariadna Polo Ariadna Polo Ariadna Polo It is a place to live every day, where it can occasionally receive other family members. The design axes: a portico with solar incidence most of the year, direct relationship with the vegetation and the spaces for daily use located on a single floor.  Ariadna Polo Ariadna Polo Ariadna Polo With a sloping terrain, with two meters of difference at its ends, the proposal consisted of the transformation of the... More

Project • By AT26 architectsOffices

YIT Offices

YIT offices are situated in the building of the former Hungarian thread factory. When designing the office premises we took into consideration the preservation of the atmosphere of the original production hall to the maximum extent possible, but also taking into account the acoustic well-being of the employees. Matej Hakár Matej Hakár Matej Hakár Matej Hakár Matej Hakár The space is designed as a semi-open space, it is visually divided into smaller units. Closed offices, framed dividing walls and closed meeting rooms are placed between individual departments, which allowed us to achieve different degrees of intimacy in the space. Matej Hakár Matej Hakár... More

Project • By Studio ETNApartments


Planning a five-room apartment, a total of 130 square meters We were called to design an apartment in a typical Jerusalem building, around green cypress trees in a pleasant and quiet neighborhood in Jerusalem. Eitan Cohen interior design | Gidon Levin Photography The apartment was originally divided into a living room and a kitchen connected in one long, unlit space and four more rooms, while the parents' room had a covered balcony, a small closet, and a cramped shower room. Eitan Cohen interior design | Gidon Levin Photography We were asked to keep the number of rooms, of which to create a playroom, a pampering master bedroom and lots of storage solutions. Eitan Cohen interior design | Gidon Levin Photography Our goal wa... More

Product • By dooorFolding door with curved track

Folding door with curved track

When the tracks are curved (with a minimum curvature radius of 600 mm), the door's silhouette becomes sinuous, to offer an elegant alternative to angled solution and redesign volumes with curved or circular shapes. Each Dooor is entirely tailor made and the cladding can be selected from a wide choice of fabrics and colours. Jonathan Hokklo Valentina Sommariva Jean-Marie Michel Carola Merello Silvia Rivoltella Caption More