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Project • By LIMIT studioHousing

Middle Plan

For this land in Póvoa de Lanhoso, district of Braga, there was an objective: to make better use of the natural characteristics of the context, providing greater harmony between housing and the nature of the place. For this, we proposed to carry out an amendment to the pre-established legal rules in the allotment, in order to enable a greater housing integration with the accesses and the existing natural dimensions of the lot. So, instead of a house with 3 floors (basement, ground floor and floor 1), we suggest a house with 2 floors (ground floor, floor 1), and an annex building for a garage. Alexandra Brites Due to the existing gap of 2 meters between the access level and the land, we believe that a half-floor entrance could r... More

Project • By Photoshoot.ptHousing

Casa SM

The conceptual basis of the project arises from the creation of volumes with different levels that are interconnected, creating different exterior and interior spaces along the smooth topography of the land. Caption A simple blueprint composition reinterprets the sensitive relationship with the place where it is implanted. Caption   The spacious and bright interior spaces, through their design, the relationship between natural light and the chosen materials, reveal a certain balance and serenity. The house is organized in a coherent way, distributing the social areas on the 0th floor and the private areas on the 1st floor. An interior patio breaks the central volume of the House and becomes a more intimate space that accen... More

Project • By AA.arquitectosOffices

Atelier AA

Located in Funchal, in a residential area, the AA.Arquitectos atelier has been operating since 2019 in the attic of a duplex apartment. The intervention arises from the possibility of making the space independent of the apartment and from the need to reorganize the different functions of the space. AA. Arquitectos The opening of an access to the common circulation of the building and the introduction of a curtain that hides the duplex's vertical communication made it possible to deprive the studio of the apartment. AA. Arquitectos In the space consisting of the work space, the archive, the dining space, a toilet and a meeting room, there are two skylights. Longitudinally, on the side where the ceiling is lower, shelves were plac... More

Project • By KEMA studioApartments

Duplex Porto

The main objective of the project was to transform a duplex apartment facing north in order to provide it with as much natural light as possible, contributing this way to the quality of life of its users. The apartment is located in a recently renovated building, located in Rua de Restauração, an impressive street in the city of Porto dated back to the early 19th century, where one can find many bourgeois buildings, formerly considered the most luxurious houses in the city. Because of this, the main objective of this project was not only to solve the functional problems of the space, but also to bring back the bourgeois and luxurious character of the apartament, reinterpreting it in a contemporary way through the sensitive u... More

Project • By Studio CAPNPrivate Houses

Casa Amaro

The contemporary 2-storey dwelling is defined by white chromatic planes, which intersect with glass planes, and with black stone elements on the lower floor, whose black chromatic will contaminate the interior of the house. The trivial housing program, inserts the private areas on the upper floor of the house, and social areas on the lower floor, with a room that shares the space with the kitchen. Due to a sharp unevenness of the land, the entrance of the house is made through the highest area of the lot, allowing the elevation of the house, in the lowest land area of the terrain, creating a prominent volume in relation to the south street, and thus guaranteeing , greater privacy, compared to the glazed area of the dwelling. More

Project • By Gavinho Architecture & InteriorsPrivate Houses

Estoril Villa

With sober architecture and angular shapes, this villa in Estoril stands out for its grand glass facade that breathes like a living screen, depicting the moods and tonalities of the sky that welcomes it. Solid and light, this residence coexists serenely between its indoor and outdoor spaces, flanked by a charming garden and refreshed by a swimming pool that falls asleep in the sun in late summer afternoons. Through a serene and timeless design, the interior lives from the abundant natural light, open spaces, and details that make all the difference. Simple and sculptural furniture, neutral tones and comfortable materials make this villa a place to live in harmony. More

Project • By Raulino Silva ArquitectoPrivate Houses

Aldoar House

The Aldoar House is inserted in the allotment of Monte da Ervilha, near the Foz do Douro in Oporto, in Portugal. The urban land, long and narrow, allows the construction of a basement, two floors and an indentation. On the main facade we have a small garden and the pedestrian entrance to the house. In side facing north, develops a garage access ramp in the basement and at the back we have the swimming pool with outdoor living room. On the floor of the basement we have a garage, a laundry room and a room for the visits opens to a patio. On the ground floor we have the kitchen next to the street and the living room facing the pool. In the central area of the house we have the stairs, the elevator and a small toilet. On the top floor, we ha... More

Project • By Sabrab SaPrivate Houses

Casa Alent

This house was designed with the inspiration of an existing arch, consisting of two centennial trees, at the entrance to the land in the most trnedy village in Portugal, Melides. has 500 square meters, and was designed for each room to be independent, if they are invited at home. the master suite has direct access to the pool, through cut porticos, giving depth to the house. old lime was used, and the floor is made of marble placed in the Roman style in small pieces. More

NewsMaterialization • 7 Aug 2020

Rural house in Portugal transformed into contemporary loft-like space

Located in a well-preserved village in the rural centre of Portugal, this small house, like many of those around it was closed and unused for more than half a century. Owned by the client’s family for decades, architect Henrique Barros-Gomes was tasked with transforming the space into a single bedroom vacation house, with area for the family to gather when needed.   Credit: Ricardo Oliveira Alves Photography The existing single story volume was originally constructed with thick exposed granite walls and a gable roof. A walled area, including an almost ruined porch, is a rustic complement to the fabric.   Credit: Ricardo Oliveira Alves Photography Maintaining the subtlety of the traditional exterior, the beautiful... More

Project • By Photoshoot.ptRestaurants

Santo Restaurant

In the block that was once the heart of the arts district of the city of Porto, represented by two iconic buildings of the architectural spectrum of this city, the Batalha cinema and the S. João National Theater, is located the restaurant Santo. Both its name and the design of the space itself arise from several reinterpretations of the context in which it is located. The theatrical character of the entrance is marked by a brightly lit visor that goes back to memories of the grand entrance to the cinema of the 50s associated with a great social spirit that is intended for this space. On the inside we find a bar in a curved shape as a reference to the Batalha cinema facade. The presence of wood logs at the entrance indicates somet... More


Apartment Renovation in Armação de Pêra

This project; located in Armação de Pêra, Algarve, Portugal; consists in a full remodelling of an existing apartment, for which the client had very precise ideas and several most unusual requirements to be fulfilled. Despite the fact that the apartment is considerably small, it gathers the conditions for a small family to live all its programmatic areas comfortably, without threatening the hypotheses of various and simultaneous types of use, overcoming the needs of its dwellers. Its simple straight lines layout results from the idea of an extremely flexible social area that contains the foyer, the kitchen, the living room and the library, which is also a place to exhibit some personal items, with which the client revels him self to be a... More


ATZ Canteen

A canteen, a meeting point, a place for socialising, a time to relax and unwind... We were asked to make the company canteen just like that, a space where employees could relax while taking a break from work, with the conditions and aesthetic concerns that anybody would have in their own homes. This gave rise to a kind of open space viewpoint, contained in terms of materiality but meticulous in intent and in details. This space is divided into two areas: an entrance area with a lower ceiling, where a multipurpose kitchenette is located, and the actual canteen, with an excellent view over the factory. This multipurpose mini-kitchen rises from the floor and becomes an imposing element. It has all the technical features required of a canteen... More

Project • By Photoshoot.ptHospitals

Medical Innovation Center

The project consists of the remodeling of a single family house on Avenida Fernão Magalhães in the center of Porto. The intervention focused exclusively on interior spaces, which now serve a new purpose - being a space dedicated to health and well-being. This is how the new CIM - Medical Innovation Center is born. Being a clinic dedicated to enhancing the longevity of patients, it operates in several areas of medicine, in order to present solutions and integrated treatments with transversal medical monitoring - general medicine, cardiology, nutrition, psychology, among others. The intervention strategy involved the distribution of the program among the three floors according to the clinic's work procedure. Entrance is made... More

Project • By Photoshoot.ptChurches

Divino Salvador Church

The project was born from the study of the liturgical Christian space evolution and from an attentive look and comprehension of the complex morphology of the intervention site. A base built by a granite wall extends from the surroundings, sustaining the temple. A courtyard separates functionally the Main Hall from the Church, like an exterior antechamber which inspires the users to silence and recollection. At the courtyard stands out the sky, the sound of the magnolia leaves swept by the wind and the running water. A glass door invites anyone who enters the courtyard to be part of the big Christian family. Inside, presbytery and assembly rise up forward God through the large vertical clerestory which draws the passion of Christ on the wall... More



Villa Petra is the product of a thorough renovation of a featureless building set on a sloping terrain in Carvoeiro, Algarve. Since the existing structure couldn't be altered, the Studio designed new levels to harmonise the building with the site topography, creating movement and separating the day and night areas.  Fernando Guerra | FG+SG © Fernando Guerra | FG+SG © Fernando Guerra | FG+SG © On three levels, the house features a ground-level entirely dedicated to the living area, perfect for hosting guests and having parties thanks to its connection with the outdoor swimming pool area, and upper and lower floors where the bedrooms are situated. Fernando Guerra | FG+SG © Fernando Guerra | FG+... More