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Project • By Alberich-Rodríguez ArquitectosPrivate Houses


This "barn" (future studio) constitutes the first phase of a project that will be completed with the main house annexed construction. The large plot will also include a rail wagon putted up as a guest room.     The final geometric form of this shed is the result of previous studies on some archetypal typological variants of barns, constructions historically conceived for storage used in rural settings, and its new interpretation as a contemporary domestic-industrial space. Finally, the solution of a compact volume with a rectangular plan with a gable roof in its longitudinal direction is adopted. Imagen Subliminal Imagen Subliminal Imag... More

Project • By DENIZEN WORKSHousing


EXISTING Barn B is a renovation project, converting an existing flint barn into a series of open living spaces. The barn is situated amongst a cluster of agricultural buildings which together form a sheltered courtyard high upon a hill.   Caption Prior to works commencing, the interior of the main barn featured exposed solid stone walls that supported four timber trusses. Natural daylight filled into the barn from high level gable end windows. Meanwhile, two arched external doorways cut through the central axis of the barn, connecting the sheltered courtyard on one side to the countryside on the other. Caption BRIEF The brief was to renovate this historic barn to introduce a new kitchen, dining hall, sitting room and mezz... More

Project • By Niimori Jamison ArchitectsOffices

Daisen Work Hut

Daisen - Work Hut This project is the administration building for a small construction firm fromTottori, a nearby small city.  In the midst of the recent pandemic, the firm opted to relocate their office to a nearby rural area.  The new location is abundant in flora and fauna, with small scale agricultural buildings and a vista dominated by the nearby extinct volcano Mt Daisen. The firm hoped that this setting would provide an escape from the dreariness of city lockdown for themselves and their team. In the manner of a terminus or infrastructural building, the Work Hut stands alone in its context; a carpark in a village amongst rice paddies.  Like the nearby barns, the Work Hut is activated at the start of the day, with the... More

Project • By Collectif Encore architecture & paysagePrivate Houses

Hourré farm house

We fell in love in Labastide Villefranche, at the outskirts of the french Basque country. With an old farm, a collapsing vernacular agricultural building.  From outside, the house looked like any farm house in the Basque Country, a massive yet unpretentious architecture. When we first opened its main door, we were expecting to come across the usual dark and damp central space called ”Ezkatz”. The roof had collapsed and pulled the upper floor with it, turning the house into a forest which main room had become a clearing. "Let’s not change a thing" we thought. MANIFESTO FOR A LIVING HOUSEIn many ways, Hourré epitomises our approach of space, landscape, ways of living and sense of freedom. Moreover it stresses t... More

Project • By Rangr StudioPrivate Houses

Hudson Valley Compound

Designed to fit the site’s landscape and blend with the local architectural vernacular, three structures on a 75 acre lot in Columbia County, New York, resolve contradictions to provide a home for a young family of four. Michael Biondo A main house includes two garages, seven bedrooms, four living areas yet feels like an intimate home. A balcony connecting the bedrooms overlooks a double height living and dining area, giving the owners a view of the whole house, which greatly contributes to the feeling of intimacy. Compromised of two volumes, a rectangular wood sided volume intersects a shingled pitched roof structure. The former contains a large garage, guest bedrooms, and a playroom and can be closed off when not in use from t... More

Project • By Thomas SchläpferPrivate Houses

Former Tobacco Barn

Two siblings and their families wished to realize each a single-family houses on the ground of their parents farm. Because of the complex building law situation they invited 3 architects to a competition to find the best solution.   Together with me. architektur ag we proposed to transform the old tobacco barn into a two-family house. We left the tobacco barn in its original character and realized a free-standing house inside the huge volume of the barn. The barn is used as a shelter for the new house inside.   On each level the space between the barn and the new house changes from narrow gangways to wide-open terraces. The Facade with its typical ventilation flaps of the tobacco barn is an openable filter which generates diff... More

Project • By Studio Piet BoonOffices

Office Brabant

The design intent for this barn-like structure was inspired by farms in the surrounding area to create a one-story office that breathes a homely, residential feel. The square-shaped layout encloses a perfectly symmetrical patio with a tranquil water feature and provides significant privacy. Extending from the water feature, a protruding window provides a glimpse into the gym and showcases the wonderful views in front of the building. The shape of the building and its large windows provide panoramic views over the surrounding golf course. The materialization of the interior has been consistently implemented and uses large amounts of natural stone. This is displayed in all washbasins, pantries, the fireplace and flooring that alternates a lig... More

Project • By Atelier SADPrivate Houses

Barn conversion in Loubí

 A new life for an old farm building. Sustainability. The living room located in the space of the original threshing floor. Airy and light thanks to an added window and openings in the walls. Not wanting to meddle with the original building, the rest of the living space takes the form of a building inside a building with the kitchen and bathroom downstairs and the bedroom upstairs. More

Project • By Richard Beard ArchitectsWineries

Theorem Winery

Theorem Winery is located west of downtown Calistoga, California, within the Diamond Mountain appellation in Napa Valley. Eschewing the ubiquitous large winery venues focused on handling hundreds of guests at one time, Theorem is designed as an intimate, bespoke experience where hospitality reigns supreme. Paul Dyer The 60-acre complex features a cluster of late-19th century structures originally built by Beverley Cole as a country retreat to escape the fog of San Francisco (Cole is noted for establishing what would become the University of California/San Francisco Medical System). The property includes a small schoolhouse and a distinguished Greek revival cottage known as the Cole House, which was restored and remodeled by Richard Be... More

Project • By OakBridge Timber FramingHousing

Timber Frame Hobby Barn

Hobbyists need a place to relax and focus on their pastimes, and this hobby barn is the perfect example. A beautiful woodworking shop is ideal for weekend woodworking, and the open first floor and loft spaces are great for hosting friends to share the completed projects, exercise, or simply just a staycation. There is even a space for beekeeping projects behind the woodshop.  More

Project • By MEEKO ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Single family house in Kobylany, PL

The house was designed on the southern slopes of the Upland near Krakow. This area is included in the area of ​​the Landscape Park. The context of charming and natural landscape values ​​has become the background for the project. The plot has a trapezoidal shape and a topography of very different heights. Access to the plot is located on the west side. The existing location conditions and investor's requirements influenced the design process and the functional and spatial composition of the house. Access to the house is provided by a closed yard with a maneuvering square, which is also a buffer between the road and the house. From this space you can directly get to the underground part of the building and through the field stairs... More

Project • By Roger Ferris + PartnersPrivate Houses

Red Barn

Located on a coastal Connecticut estate, the Red Barn houses space for an artist on the first floor (a studio and workshop) as well as modern living accommodations on the second floor (a bedroom, bathroom, living and dining areas). Programmatic flexibility is a major component of the Barn’s design, as the first floor is highly reconfigurable. In stark counterpoint to the traditionalism of the estate, the building houses its functions in minimalist, graphic efficiency as it reinterprets a common New England building form. A continuous rainscreen encloses the entire profile of the dwelling and seamlessly blends a large foldaway door that allows access to the expansive space below. More

Project • By Studio BarkPrivate Houses

Twin Barn Farm

The client approached Studio Bark with aspirations to create a new family home and a workshop for local craft businesses.The design for Twin Barn Farm had to negotiate the challenges of planning policy. The project required a thoughtful conversion of the steel framed shed with minimal impact on the external aesthetic. This innovative approach to permitted development has resulted in a spatially exciting and energy efficient family home and furniture workshop. Design ApproachWorking alongside engineers Structure Workshop,  the team developed a solution which allowed the existing steel structure to flex independently from the timber structure of the new house inside. Therefore it resulted in a draft-free timber framed hous... More

Project • By Studio Carver ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Santa Ynez Barn

The rehabilitated barn was adorned with a translucent structural composite that allows the outdoor light into the home and creates an illuminating, almost lantern-like effect at night. The home was built to accommodate long stays from guests including the home owners’ children and grandchildren and act as a “party house” that brought the outdoors in. This is well executed with the original structure of the barn with its large, sliding doors and hayloft. More

Project • By Clayton KorteWineries

Saxum Vineyard Equipment Barn

Located in the Templeton Gap area of West Paso Robles, this simple agricultural storage structure rests at the toes of the 50 acre James Berry Vineyard. Designed as a modern pole barn, the reclaimed oil field pipe structure’s primary objectives are to provide an armature for a photovoltaic roof to reduce the purchase of electric energy for the adjacent Saxum Winery, collect rainfall for irrigating trees and adjacent grazing meadow, as well as to provide workshop space and covered storage for farming vehicles, implements, and livestock supplies.  The photovoltaic system is designed to produce roughly 88,700 kWh per year, with the capacity to take Saxum Winery and the vineyard irrigation wells off-grid.   Photography: Casey... More