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Project • By X+LivingCinemas

Taiyuan FAB Cinema

In this post pandemic era, operation of cinemas and future development of film industry has become a hot topic in current society. After a long period of business close-down and limiting audience capacity due to the pandemic, a problem gradually appeared in front of the public – cinema owners should have done a deeper analysis on how to develop their cinema’s commercial value and expand its features in order to adapt to the rapidly changing society.  Last year, we created another FAB Cinema in Xi’an and brought the scenes behind the big screen into the public space. This time in Taiyuan IF Center, FAB Cinema collaborated with Zhongshuge to create an innovational cinema experience, and we are invited to design this cr... More

Project • By JATOShops

Jiuwu Culture City

Shenyang Jiuwu Culture City, a 24 hour “book mall” in Shenyang themed with the design concept of “Tree of Cultural”- a page on a book, a leaf on a tree. “Book-ladder culture” as the focal point of the project is meant to reflect the atmosphere of reading under the tree, where this area also served as a main event space to held seminars and autograph event. Lighting effect penetrating through origami like elements from walls and ceiling becomes a nostalgic element to show a new culture of the city with a growing lantern that never goes of. With its design and new way of operation, the cultural plaza has now become one of the major landmarks in Shenyang, demonstrating a revolution of bookshop and shopping e... More

Project • By BrigadaShops

Bookstore That Cares - Planetopija

Many years of experience with the team behind Biovege cut down the customary analytic prep time as the client’s values were already familiar to us. Those values are respect for the environment, nature, and people, and in this case the biggest challenge was to figure out how to apply those same principles to the design of a bookshop. The bookshop’s concept had to reflect the values promoted by Planetopija as a publishing house and library and by Biovege as their parent brand, summarized in the slogan: the best nature and man can give. It was necessary to also design in the new space an area for eco products, a special children’s corner, and a corner where visitors can take a break and read. The concept is based on the idea of... More

Project • By AT26 architectsShops

Panta Rhei & Café Dias / bookstore & cafe

Panta Rhei is a well established and popular bookstore in Slovak Republic. Café Dias is a coffee place, which became an addition to in Panta Rhei branches to support bookloving atmosphere. With its size, Panta Rhei is one of the largest subjects in its market segment. We were chosen for a competition to provide a fresh new design for the branches, and after two rounds we came out as winners. Our main goal was to create a design, that sustains the friendly face of the bookstore appreciated by its customers with a focus on quality and effectivity of the design and modularity of its parts. The elemental module, which we based the design on, is a book, specificaly a connection of a book and a shelf, which led us to find and define t... More

Project • By Halükar ArchitectureLibraries

FiL Books

FiL Books is an interior design project that Halukar Architecture / Mimarlik completed in 2015. The employer requested a space that would not only function as a photography and art books store but also a coffee shop. The design and application process spread over approximately 6 months. The program that is distributed on four floors with a total area of 80m2 included the design of a bookstore, coffee shop, a kitchen, a workshop and storage areas as well as places for the users to hang out, study or drink coffee. One of the challenges of designing in such small spaces is the necessity of considering the ways in which each centimeter meets the required functions. We aimed for forming/creating a comfortable and bright / lighted environment... More

Product • By Vismara DesignBookcase


Vismara bookcase is a modular glass doors cabinet. As these modular showcases are highly sectional, you can furnish your spaces with the maximum flexibility obtaining aesthetic and qualitative results of high personalization. The use of high quality materials and the maximum attention to technical details ensure the client an exclusive and durable product. More

Project • By Trovata ComunicaçãoShops

Bookstore Saraiva - Casa Cor São Paulo

Designed by the Office Sabrine Santos Architecture & Interiors, the Saraiva Bookstore at Casa Cor 2011, will provide a new way to display books and magazines in digital form, integrating seamlessly with the conventional form of presentation and reading. Through virtual shelves displayed in three large touch screen devices, digital books will be chosen to buy and read, but also on portable devices known as tablets, which are exposed for demonstration. The proposal seeks to exclude from printing books on paper, reducing the environmental impact of logging. Another advantage is the storage power of the tablet, enabling a multitude of publications in a single device, eliminating the need for physical space for this purpose. Another dif... More