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Project • By Projeto PontoOffices

Mi9 Comunicação

Mi9 Comunicação needed a functional space with an identity. His project was developed from the study of the company's brand and visual identity, composed of red, black and white, and straight and simple lines. Neutral colors and textures were used as a base and the red color is occasionally found in some prominent elements. The language used was based on industrial and contemporary styles. The industrialist refers to urbanity, cities, references to the urban advertising service in the OOH - Out of Home segment, provided by the company. It translates into the choice of metallic finishes, present in furniture, lamps and in the finish of the glass partition, in the texture of burnt cement, in the leather finish of the seats and... More

Project • By ARQBR Arquitetura e UrbanismoSecondary Schools

Centro Educacional Crixá

Awarded with the 1st place in a national competition promoted by the governement of Brasília, the project was developed with the idea that public schools are key spaces for social change. They should be designed well beyond the idea of just learning spaces, but also as community centres, alive and open all day. The school's desing starts form the gound, and follows the 9m slope in between the site's borders, prioritizing the accesses and creating three distinct development levels. The top level defines a light horizontal volume that sits on the terrain and houses the main educational spaces. The bottom levels were conceived as public spaces, open to the new district to which the school will offer its services, along with administration and... More

Project • By SAINZ arquiteturaOffices

Clinica L´Or

The design solution is related to the personal meaning of Luxury, the architects has deeply analyze this word in essence as the opportunity to use the time as a real value for art, contemplation, socialization and other luxuries in everyday life today. Also, the meaning of "Beaty" is relative, for the architects this word is extremely related to minimalism, elegance and synthetic material, Beaty is a quality behind the material, is just a concept.Also, the architects have a very specific interest in the first impressions o a new visitor intro the clinic, the first space is a reception lounge, with bar, table and sofas, is very clean and also very complex space, made in gold metal (brass) and white concrete. Attach to this space is a small l... More

Project • By SAINZ arquiteturaHousing

Casa Clara

This house; Casa Clara, is mainly a small house, strong personality and clear solution (clear means Clara in Portuguese). The entire house is delicately supported on the downhill terrain. The landscape have a free view from the interior, even the layout is clear, simple solution with elegant design, in some ways this house is very minimal. The family that lives inside is also small; a couple, a child and 2 cats. The program demands are the same of most private houses; bedrooms, bathroom, open kitchen and etc. But the most important demand is the need of a very fast construction in the minimum size as possible. The result is 89 square meters in Steel Frame.  Casa Clara also privileges the thermal control (that is very important in... More

Project • By SAINZ arquiteturaApartments

308.C Apartment by 1:1 arquitetura:design

Project 308.C, was born under the need of adapting the apartment to a new inhabitant, who is interested in the history of Brasília, which although relatively short is modern.The main concept of the project is the consequence of these questions; What is modern housing in the capital city? What are the main protagonists of this rereading?In the living, we propose a rescue of the essence of the 60's, where life passed more calmly and every moment was harnessed to the maximum. Sit in the living room to talk quietly without having the TV on, make a good meal at a large family table. And along with that we brought the integration of common spaces for everyone in the house to interact and have plenty of room for the kids to run.Regarding the mater... More

Project • By Ana Paula Barros ArquiteturaRestaurants

Gazebo PY

Recreation area on the edge of Lake Paranoá. Charming space and stripped to receive friends. More

Project • By Ana Paula Barros ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

Residência P.C.

Projeto de casa contemporânea em Brasília. "Contemporary house in Brasilia." More