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Mi9 Comunicação needed a functional space with an identity. His project was developed from the study of the company's brand and visual identity, composed of red, black and white, and straight and simple lines. Neutral colors and textures were used as a base and the red color is occasionally found in some prominent elements.

The language used was based on industrial and contemporary styles. The industrialist refers to urbanity, cities, references to the urban advertising service in the OOH - Out of Home segment, provided by the company. It translates into the choice of metallic finishes, present in furniture, lamps and in the finish of the glass partition, in the texture of burnt cement, in the leather finish of the seats and in the lighting of the toilet with apparent installation. The contemporary adds value to the project, bringing sophistication with its simple lines, shapes and compositions.

In order to make the space more optimized, access to the toilet, previously located next to the World Cup, was transferred to the corridor wall. Thus, it was possible to create the wooden panel for the installation of the television, which also camouflages the pantry door, and to insert a meeting table, previously nonexistent in the meeting / reception / lounge room. Access to the toilet and the entrance to the room are also camouflaged in black paint, so as not to highlight technical areas.

To separate the receiving part from the production and administrative part, a glass panel with sandblasted film was created to provide more privacy but also to allow natural light to come in from the windows and a slight perception of movement.

The administrative part is more spatially reserved, however, the glass partition between it and the production part allows the sound interaction between the environments, facilitating the management and operation of the office. The production area was designed for use by up to four employees, and the administrative area, for up to two managers.

With this new space for Mi9 Comunicação it is possible to receive customers in an intimate, pleasant and comfortable way, and work in an optimized and ergonomic way.

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