308.C Apartment by 1:1 arquitetura:design

308.C Apartment by 1:1 arquitetura:design

Project Year
Edgard Cesar

Ap. 308.C by 1:1 arquitetura:design, Brasilia, Brazil

SAINZ arquitetura as Interior Architects

Project 308.C, was born under the need of adapting the apartment to a new inhabitant, who is interested in the history of Brasília, which although relatively short is modern.

The main concept of the project is the consequence of these questions; What is modern housing in the capital city? What are the main protagonists of this rereading?

In the living, we propose a rescue of the essence of the 60's, where life passed more calmly and every moment was harnessed to the maximum. Sit in the living room to talk quietly without having the TV on, make a good meal at a large family table. And along with that we brought the integration of common spaces for everyone in the house to interact and have plenty of room for the kids to run.

Regarding the materials, we see in wood and concrete the relevance and constructive versatility of the same; the room is tribute to the concrete, having the same applied in its walls and the main table, that was constructed in masonry and that projects itself into the room, in a pure and minimal geometry; a modern geometry. The wood was used as a connecting element between the private areas of the apartment, creating a cozy sense of course, telling a period story and creating surprise to every door opening that hides in the materiality of the tunnel.

The functional and service areas were condensed near the cobogó; material that is part of the history of Brasilia and that was used in its technical fullness in this apartment; as a regulating element of natural ventilation and the lighting of the setting sun.

The apartment is a deconstruction of the Brazilian "midcentury", located in the model block of Brasília, Unesco heritage and proudly carries the flag of modernity of the city, urban project of Lúcio Costa, landscaping Burle Marx, and with tiles of Athos Bulcão.

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