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Project • By LEIVA arquiteturaPrivate Houses

Morro da Manteiga House

What was the brief? Customers came to us to fulfill an old dream: to build their own house in the countryside and live in the tranquility of the rural area, after returning from the capital Porto Alegre to the countryside. The pace and quality of life are different: being able to sit on the balcony and listen to the birds singing, being able to breathe the fresh air and sitting in the sun at any time of the day, moving the earth and even picking your own food.   Resources were limited and so it was decided to make the construction by the Minha Casa Minha Vida program - track 01, program developed by the Brazilian government for low-income families, and this directed the project from the beginning: we could not do a project that woul... More

Project • By PJV ArquiteturaApartments

Residencial N07

The Residencial N 07 building consists of six residential apartments, located in Balneário Piçarras, north coast of Santa Catarina State. The land chosen is located on the main avenue, with beautiful view of the sea. It measures only 244 square meters, that is 12 meters front by 22 meters long. The proposal seeks to offer to the market a building with contemporary authorial architecture, without the vices and repetitions normally presented by the real estate market. The architectural project sought to solve the proposed program through the following basic premises: to create a clear structural solution, which can guide the way of the building, to create a ground floor as free as possible, to implant the building aiming at t... More

NewsNews • 13 Aug 2020

Brazilian House cleverly navigates topography with multi-level volumetric design

In Salto de Pirapora, Brazil, this house by Vereda Arquitetos is situated on a 1000 sqm plot with an 8-meter slope from front to back. Looking out over a small ecological reserve and stream, the house comprises three buried masonry volumes with floor levels varying in accordance with the topography. Credit: Andre Scarpa The three volumes house the kitchen and laundry in the first volume, the bedrooms in the second and the master bedroom with bathroom in the third volume, which is a mezzanine type space enclosed from the living room below by sliding curtain. Credit: Andre Scarpa The arrangement of the volumes on-site allows for fluidity over the sloping terrain, without cutting the site off between front and back. A concrete gran... More

Project • By oitentaedoisApartments

Renovation for the Kims

Apartment renovationin Mooca neighborhood, located in the city of São Paulo - Brazil originally designed by the Brazilian architect David Libeskind, in the 60`s. We were commissioned by a grandfather and grandmother to renovate the apartment where they raised their children for more than 35 years. The apartment had received many small modifications throughout the decades resulting in a space without coherence, as it is common to many Brazilian homes. Since the children had now grown up and left home, the couple wished that the apartment could be remodeled so they could live their old years and to enjoy the visit of their grandchildren.   The project was a long process of reflection with the clients that went on for about 4 yea... More

Project • By Atelier PECLAT+CHOWApartments

Santos Apartment

Santos apartment was undertaken for a young couple in their late 20’s. They requested a timeless, elegant and serene home. The 1950’s apartment is located in the trendy neighborhood of Jardins, São Paulo. The renewal of it’s 120sqm was designed to integrate the living space fully, while clearly defining three different functions: kitchen, living room and home office, whose rhythm is given by a thoughtful sequence of volumes and voids.   The wooden entrance tunnel in Pau Ferro wood intends to guide and intensify the sensorial experience of those who enter from the dark hallway to the bright and clean living spaces of the apartment. The terrazzo floor, widely used in Brazil during modernism, with its opaque sur... More

Project • By ARQBR Arquitetura e UrbanismoSecondary Schools

Centro Educacional Crixá

Awarded with the 1st place in a national competition promoted by the governement of Brasília, the project was developed with the idea that public schools are key spaces for social change. They should be designed well beyond the idea of just learning spaces, but also as community centres, alive and open all day. The school's desing starts form the gound, and follows the 9m slope in between the site's borders, prioritizing the accesses and creating three distinct development levels. The top level defines a light horizontal volume that sits on the terrain and houses the main educational spaces. The bottom levels were conceived as public spaces, open to the new district to which the school will offer its services, along with administration and... More

Project • By Vertentes ArquiteturaBars

Nóz Cafe & Bakery

The project of this bakery involves a peculiar context. The owners sought first of all to set up the establishment in some rented commercial place, naturally provided with infrastructure to operate a bakery. After unsuccessful attempts to rent a space, either due to documentation issues or owner dissent, they made the decision to use a family property, specifically the home of the owners' parents, located in a residential neighborhood in the city of Limeira. Renovating the family home is practical because it does not require third-party approvals. On the other hand, a high number of constructive challenges have emerged from adapting a middle-class residence in a bakery that was still functional and attractive. One of the premises... More

Project • By Mutabile ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

Moeda House

The Moeda House project was designed to take full advantage of the potential of the landscape. Steep slopes, a privileged view of the mountains and a preserved forest surround the property, located in the countryside of the city of Moeda, in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Its isolated spot allows the interior spaces to integratewith the landscape, bringing the view into the house. The project makes the best of these conditions and proposes an open configuration of spaces, with little divisions between rooms and large glass panels on the facades. This house gives new light to the typology of the rural residences of Minas Gerais, with its typical wooden structures and ceramic roof by giving is transparency and lightness.Two blocks separate living and... More

Project • By BCMF ArquitetosOffices

Google Engineering Centre

Most people ignore that much of the web’s intelligence has been built in Brazil, at Google’s Belo Horizonte Engineering Center, the only one in Latin America. The new office space has over 50,000 sqf across 4 floors of a mixed-use complex in the bohemian Santa Efigênia neighborhood. The challenge was to identify strong conceptual references that would link the global company to the young capital of the traditional Minas Gerais state. The interior design integrates graphics and lighting, exploring the tension between the local culture and the Google’s culture in a subtle and sophisticated approach.Spaces / Environment: Contrary to conventional office design, “common areas” takes almost as much space as formal “work areas”. The leisure s... More

Project • By BCMF ArquitetosExhibition Centres

Google Event Space

The new “Event Space” at the São Paulo Google Office, in Brazil, has a program configured basically by a foyer, an auditorium and a multipurpose room, organized in a linear sequence within a lofty double-height space located on the top floor of the iconic Patio Malzoni building at Avenue Faria Lima. Once the space, in plan, is inevitably divided by the requirements of the program and back of house areas, the ceiling takes on a scenographic leading role, establishing spatial and conceptual continuity. The song “Sampa” (by Caetano Veloso), a tribute the city of São Paulo, is used as input information for the parametric design of the ceiling. Data from its graph of frequencies and amplitudes on time is converted on the structure elements... More

Project • By GPA&A - Gustavo PennaRestaurants

Restaurant OssO

Adding to the expansion of the city of Nova Lima, in the Greater Belo Horizonte, Osso Restaurant opened a new location in Vila da Serra. With 250 seats, the new restaurant mixes items both contemporary and rustic, by using iron, glass, leather and wire panels.The heart of the whole project is the parrilla, the grill framed by a glass curtain that lets everyone see the kitchen’s vibe. From that particular element came the concept for all of the items that form the restaurant’s space.​The fire in the color of the walls and ceiling and the amber-tinged lights bring the customers a feeling of coziness. The steel of the knives and the wood of the meat-cutting boards are also integrated in the structure, in the counters and the furniture. Texture... More

Project • By OTP ArquiteturaResidential Landscape


The Project was conceived with a re-reading of a traditional brazilian farmhouse, looking to bring traditional elements such as porch, patio, gable roof, eaves, combined with a contemporary design.The first insight was to preserve the natural conditions of the site, a 2000 m² aclive, with 14 meters high difference beetween its extremeties.Was defined the average elevation of the land for the implantation of the two volumes, on the left side the social one, facing the slope and taking advantage of the view with the pool set in half slope. On the right side is the private part of the house facing the slope, where are located the bedrooms and the reading room,protecting it from noise and giving better privacy.The two volumes are connected by a... More

Project • By Dal Pian ArquitetosOffices

NASP - Natura Headquarters

In 2011, Natura, a Brazilian multinational company of cosmetics and beauty products, promoted an architectural competition on invitation to its new administrative headquarters in São Paulo. The project chosen among nine participating teams is located on the borders of Via Anhanguera, one kilometer from Marginal Tietê. Built next to the company's distribution center, it occupies a plot with dense vegetation of approximately 112,000 square meters. With an area of ​​29,700 m², its program includes corporate spaces for 1,600 employees, as well as support areas, services and utilities. Respecting the natural conditions of the site, the building was thought of as a transparent and highly permeable Horizontal Tower, approximately 100 meters l... More

Project • By Dal Pian ArquitetosOffices

Módulo Rebouças

In a square-shaped plot on the corner of Rebouças Avenue and Capote Valente Street, in the Pinheiros neighborhood of São Paulo, the Rebouças Module consists of 46 office units, a ground floor theater and garage basements.   It was conceived as a cube pierced by a continuous central void facing the reception areas of the building, the theater foyer and the peripheral vertical and horizontal collective circulations present on all floors.   These spaces and voids provide varied visual perspectives and playful visions of the building's events, thought of as an outgoing and friendly workspace that seeks to stimulate the encounter, coexistence and socialization. Gardens and planters on the upper and lower floors... More

Project • By FORMUniversities

Escola Britânica de Artes Criativas

The Escola Britânica de Artes Criativas is located within a building designed by Isay Weinfeld in the bohemian district of Vila Madalena in Sao Paulo.The main idea was to create a school with a community spirit, a space which the students would consider their own and be inspired to create in. We wanted to surprise them, to immerse them in an interesting environment, but to leave some spaces as a blank canvas.The space of the school resembles a giant playground with abstract objects scattered around at random. Еach object hides a certain function behind its simple form.The school was designed with maximum transparency for visitors and inhabitants.Glass partitions in the entrance zone reveal the administrative area and activities in the lectu... More