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Project • By Nommo ArquitetosHousing

Maranello Houses

In Boqueirão, a neighborhood to the southwest of Curitiba with a predominantly residential network, there is a gated community composed of 14 houses, 4 of them facing the street, with direct access, and the others distributed along a central boulevard. The central spacing, between the two lines of houses, was decisive for the qualification of insolation, privacy, lighting and natural ventilation of the houses. Based on this premise, the volumes of the houses were implanted in a continuous way, without lateral deviation in the sublot. The houses have sizes between 111 and 115 m2. Facing the circulation of the group, we have garages, patios and service areas. Inside the sublot, the social areas - living, dining and kitchen - are inte... More

Project • By ViraformPrivate Houses

Villa De

Project Name: Villa DE Architecture Firm: VIRAFORM Firm Location: QOM, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN  Completion Year:2020 Lead Architect: REZA JAFARI Design  &  Presentation Team: REZA JAFARI,Sayyed Mohammad Mahdi Masoumi, Amir Hosein Sharifzade, Mohammad Farahani, Reza Savadi,  Bahar Javadzade, Hasti Jokar, Ehsan Bakhshande, Neda Moradkhani Rendering: Reza Savadi       Clients: Hosein Eslamian In this project, the concept was to separate users from urban life. Also, the existence of a border between human beings and nature seemed to be necessary to provide peace. For this reason, a transparent border was defined between man and nature. This building is a solitude in the heart of nature to whi... More

Project • By ViraformApartments


Project Name: AGHAGHIA Architecture Firm: VIRAFORM Firm Location: QOM, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN  Completion Year:2020 Lead Architects: REZA JAFARI Photo credits: Ali Esmaeili                Clients: Moeid Hoseini Engineering: Ali Sharif The concept in this project was to establish more dialogue between inside and outside. The stretched geometry of the site with the turbulent context of the project caused to consider the building as a livable sculpture that appears on an urban edge. So that the volumetric diversity of the windows set to extend the movement in the site and create a various view in its form. To create a common spatial value between the ground floor and the first commercial... More

Project • By ViraformShops


Project Name: ERAM Architecture Firm: VIRAFORM Completion Year:2018 Project location: Eram Street , QOM Lead Architects: REZA JAFARI Photo credits:     Ali Esmaeili                Design Team: Reza Jafari, Viraform Team Clients: Mohsen Soltani Engineering: Mohammad Alborzi The site of this project is located on Eram walking Street near The historic bazaar in the Qom city near Fatima Masumeh Holy Shrine. Due to the importance of the project location in terms of the historical context of Eram walking Street, this project started with urban research in Eram street facades and sidewalks. By studying the history of street formation in the first Pahlavi period, and especially the second P... More

Project • By ViraformApartments

Frame in qom

Project Name: FRAME Architecture Firm: VIRAFORM Firm Location: QOM, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN  Completion Year:2017 Gross Built Area:2500 square meter Project location: QOM  Lead Architects: REZA JAFARI Photo credits:   Ali Esmaeili                    Clients: Ghasem Rauofi In this project, the main challenge was visibility and privacy while providing adequate lighting for the spaces. Due to urban laws, the project land is in contact with the city only in one direction. To solve this problem for communication between outside and inside. We think to consider frame as space. Often each window has a frame. This frame is an opportunity to communicate between in and out. In... More

Project • By Meyer & Associates Architects, Urban DesignersPrimary Schools

Heideveld Primary School

The concept of the new Heideveld Primary School complex was borne from constraints experienced as part of the previous school location and layout as well as from the decanting strategy and programme, which was integral to the roll-out and construction process. The site is fairly small and the existing school operation had to be accommodated on site while the new school was being built. This gave rise to a compact and simple plan form, focused around a shared central courtyard, and two secondary undercover courtyard spaces, one for the foundation phase classes in a single storey block and the other for intermediate and senior phase classes in a double storey block. The hierarchy of shared spaces is a theme that runs throughout the design of... More

Project • By Uygur ArchitectsAuditoriums

TED Ankara College Campus Performing Arts Centre

The project, which won the architectural project competition for the Ted Ankara College Campus with a capacity of 6000 students in 1998, was implemented in 2005 and educational activities have begun. Conceptualized and designed by Semra Uygur and Özcan Uygur, this campus is a city simulation accomplished adopting the principle that education should create its own urban life even if it is in an area remote from the city. As a result of this design principle, TED Ankara College Campus operates as an actual city with the daily circulation routes designed considering the diversity of common indoor-outdoor areas, functional arrangement, meeting of various users, and the requirements emerged within the process.The campus in question needed a... More

Project • By brg3sSecondary Schools

Youth Villages

Youth Villages is an organization which originated in Memphis, TN with a mission to provide rehabilitative and educational services for children with behavioural health challenges. In the early 2000’s the firm, then under the title of TRO Jung Brannen, designed and constructed two other residential treatment centers and an educational facility. This is the third, 72-bed, residential building on the campus designed by the firm, now under the name of brg3s. It was named 'Bill's Place' for the CEO's late father who made his own way through the foster care system.  This 105,000 SF, single story addition provides living and treatment space for adolescents who have been placed at Youth Villages because of social and behavioral concern... More

NewsNews • 23 Dec 2020

The future of architecture through 10 biobased materials

As more architects, and their clients, prioritize sustainability goals and the connection to site and history, biobased materials are being more frequently used to create buildings around the globe. These materials, viewed through the lens of contemporary architecture, are creating distinctive structures that lean on the past but are decidedly of the moment. From timber frames to biobased plastics, these elements are creating new spaces that will help define the trajectory of architecture for years to come. Encompassing exhibition spaces, private homes, and more, 10 examples show us where this attention to natural materials may take architecture in the coming decades.  Matthew Millman 1. Earth -  House of Earth and Sky by Ai... More

NewsNews • 22 Oct 2020

Antonio Virga completes monolithic brick and aluminium cinema complex

In the historic center of Cahors, Southern France, Antonio Virga Architecte transformed a former parking lot into a 7-screen cinema surrounded by a pedestrian square.  Luc Boegly The location was historically the site of army barracks that were destroyed by a fire in 1943. Antonio Virga refers back to the symmetry and rigorous nature of a 19th century military facility and reinterpreted it into a monolithic elongated mass. Pierre Lasvenes The building consists of two attached rectangular volumes. One brick volume facing the square and a gold powder-coated aluminium in the back. The brick volume mirrors the barracks and is imagined as a contemporary reinterpretation.  Luc Boegly The front facade has a composition... More

NewsNews • 16 Oct 2020

Architecture of Elephant World explores the unique relationship between elephants and Thai locals

On a rural site located 52 kilometers north of the city of Surin, Thailand, the architecture of the new Elephant World expresses the uniquely close relationship between Thai elephants and Thai locals, who consider elephants as part of the human family structure. As such, Elephant World isn’t viewed as a collection of enclosures for undomesticated animals, but rather a large (5400 square meter) residence for extended family members Credit: Spaceshift Studio Elephant World is a government project with the aim of bringing local Kui people and elephants back to their homeland and ensuring a suitable and sustainable living conditions for elephants. The project, designed by Bankok Project Studio, includes the Kui village, an elephant... More

Project • By Surfacing SolutionRestaurants


Domu's interior has a warm, earthy palette: walls, shelving and counters are constructed from the same clay block and complemented by real wood tambour veneers.   The grooved tambour panels provide an orderly appeal that contrasts well with the patterned red brick pavers adoring the free standing walls behind the bar and under the booths.   These subtle tones and  textures lend to a saturated space that feeld warm and harmonious. More

Project • By Equipo de ArquitecturaPrimary Schools


“I got an order from the school board that said ‘We have a great idea. We should not put windows in the school because children need wall space for their paintings, and also windows can distract from the teacher’. Now, what teacher deserves that much attention? After all, the birds outside, the person scurrying for shelter in the rain, the leaves falling from the trees, the clouds passing by, the sun penetrating: these are all great things. They are lessons in themselves.” – Louis Kahn   In 2001, The Guardian published a survey that invited children to suggest the school of their dreams. The result was gathered as the “Children’s Manifesto”, published in a book called “The School... More

NewsMaterialization • 31 Jul 2020

Edwardian home renovation an example of masterful material choice and craftsmanship

Exhibiting masterful craftsmanship, material choices and attention to detail, this extension and renovation of an Edwardian house in Northcoat, Australia by Melanie Beynon Architecture & Design feels warm and generous throughout.  Credit: Tom Blachford Housing a young family of six, the house has two zones: one for adults and one for children. The zones are located at opposite sides of the house and are joined by a central living space. A new family room features exposed Tasmanian Oak timber panels on the wall and pitched ceiling, alongside reclaimed brick walls and handmade Anchor Ceramic tiles.  Credit: Tom Blachford A feature can be found in the large sliding doors that connect the spacious living room to an out... More

Project • By Hooba Design GroupOffices

Kohan Ceram Central Office Building

Is it possible to unify the urban scenery by minimizing the formic expression of buildings as singular objects and emphasizing on the city as a whole? Unitizing different elements of the building including walls, windows, doors, etc., as well as reducing the variety of building materials could somehow address the so called issues.   The project was designed as the headquarters for Kohan Ceram Brick Manufacturing Company. Preserving the existing concrete structure, it was decided to Design a special brick (by architect) to represent the factory.   Now the question is, could this well-known building material move beyond its simple role and help changing the perceptions towards a complicated building and to combine different buil... More