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Project • By TN ArquiteturaApartments

Apartamento Galeria

The architecture studio TN ARQUITETURA was called by the residents to finalize the apartment delivered by the construction company, focusing on the colors and objects that bring life to the home.In the living room the blue was used as the protagonist, but leaving as a focal point the overlap of colors in the entrance hall, which invites visitors to enter the apartment. The elegance of the apartment is due to the metallic gold profile that was strategically positioned. In the dining room, the highlight is the painting done exclusively for the resident by the artist José Gonçalves.The surrounding landscape is highlighted in the master suite through the large window frames of the building. With this premise, a light green tone wa... More

Project • By PORTNurseries

"Little explorers" kindergarten

Children have a drive to be independent and do things on their own. This is a healthy part of normal child development. As children grow, they are able to do more and more tasks. Kids use their 5 senses to discover the world and shape their personality. They absorb surrounding, which affects concentration and harmonious development. Surrounding creates children’s reality, affect knowledge and encourage to develop certain skills. And through all of above makes them happy.   Orange roomUse colors of the earth for the youngest children. Inviting to discover through sense of touch, balance and weight. Help to understand the matter. Green roomReflect the natural environment for the older group. Openings to the garden provides conta... More