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NewsGuides • 20 Sep 2020

A guide to designing with concrete

Known for its design flexibility and visual appeal, concrete is without a doubt a favoured material -  if not the favourite material - of architects. We’ve taken a look at the evolution of concrete in the field of architecture over the cen... More

Project • By Lukas Imhof Architektur GmbHPump stations

EMV AVA Altenrhein

Our strategy does not rely on contrasts or confrontation between old and new. Rather, we tried to seek out the qualities of the existing, strengthen them and develop them further in a new form. Qualities of the existing building stock are, for exampl... More

Project • By Jaime Prous ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Villa Sesom

The pronounced difference of levels and the topographic integration are the starting points of the house, embedded into the terrain; the concrete roof is the only facade to the street. To access the house, it is necessary to get into the ground: the... More

Project • By A3 PROJECTS ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Serendah Hill Retreat

Beyond a physical home, Serendah Hill Retreat is a deeply personal homage to the clients, who are the Architect’s parents, and to the surrounding lush tropical landscape that has been the bedrock of their Buddhist spiritual life.   Adopt... More

Project • By Foster + PartnersPrivate Houses

Dolunay Villa

The Dolunay villa is situated along the coast of the Aegean Sea in Turkey’s southwestern province of Muğla. The new private villa has been carefully sited amid the natural rugged setting, prioritising the spectacular sea views.   The sit... More

Project • By KAMITATAPrivate Houses

AL - House

The design approach of AL – HOUSE is to build a simple, modern, and unique looking house with a triangular shape facade and asymmetrical roof. The client’s concern about privacy and securityis interpreted into a seemingly enclosed facade... More

Project • By BUERO BECHTLOFFPrivate Houses

New build villa

This new house close to Hamburg was built for a married couple. The result was a low-rise building with a special ice storage heating system that can cool the whole house in the hot summer months via the concrete roof, thus ensuring an indoor climate... More

Project • By VTN Architects (Vo Trong Nghia Architects)Universities

Viettel Academy Educational Centre

Viettel Academy Educational Centre is located in a Training Centre Campus at Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, which is 30 km away from Hanoi. It has a cooling microclimate as it is surrounded by beautiful landscape, lakes and abundant green space. The Education... More

Project • By DRTAN LM Architect (DTLM)Private Houses

House No.47

House No. 47 is located in an established leafy suburb of Kuala Lumpur. The brief was to design a modern tropical house for a two generation family who treasure togetherness, privacy, security and ease of maintenance above anything else.   The... More

Project • By VARDAstudioArt Galleries

AB Gallery

This project is unique in its programme and execution. The principle is to insert the gallery, an open art space, in the ground. The concrete roof is greened in order to become part of the landscape. It also incorporates a long pool in the edge of t... More

Project • By Zaniboni LightingEstates


Glowing on a ridge, overlooking the trendy Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake and its reservoir, sits the famed Silvertop house with its monolithic domed concrete roof supporting a wall of glass that frames an incredible panoramic view that incl... More

Project • By Daniela Bucio SistosPrivate Houses

Zirahuen House

‘Casa Zirahuén’ is a holiday house located in a small town of Michoacán called Zirahuén. From de heights of the hills, the project rests amongs the site’s vegetation. The lake of Zirahuén is to the west,... More

Project • By POPOVbass ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Bellevue Hill House IV

The site is located on a quiet street in Bellevue Hill, upon which sit two established, protected Jacaranda trees. These very trees are central to the architectural design, both in concept and physical placement of the actual building. The core conce... More

Project • By Perathoner ArchitectsPrivate Houses


The project was realized on an extensive plot of land full of old olive trees near the little town of Arco, which is not far from the northern shore of Lake Garda. The entire region is world-famous for its Mediterranean microclimate and the excellent... More

Project • By CO-APPrivate Houses

Woollahra Courtyard House

A new four bedroom home has been designed for an empty nester couple and three generations of extended family visitors. Built on the site of a 1970s single storey courtyard house, the former dwelling was designed with a gabled roof in keeping with a... More