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Project • By BJ Arquitectes AssociatsResidential Landscape

Social Housing in Placeta de les Flors

The commission for the Specific Modification of Planning for the opening of a new street in Viladecans allows us to develop a volumetry culminated by a building that becomes a landmark in the neighborhood. Caption Caption Caption The building consists of a ground floor and seven upper floors, intended for forty-four social housing rental units, which have been designed to offer maximum comfort to the users, providing spaces where views towards the exterior are prioritized while maintaining privacy. Caption Caption Caption It is a solid and robust building, but its facade, formed by continuous balconies with sliding shutters, gives it lightness and variability. In this way, the facade is understood as a habita... More

Project • By Vergati Creative StudioPrivate Houses

Casa Roverella

Casa Roverella is a villa created to embrace nature. The house is located in Puglia, halfway between Ostuni and Cisternino, in the Valle d'Itria, an area that inspired the entire project. The main intention was immediately to seek a dialogue with the natural elements present on the ground. A large oak tree gave the initial inspiration that led to the entire house being structured around it, making it the true protagonist of the project. Alex Reyto Alex Reyto Alex Reyto Every corner is designed to experience the spaces in continuity between inside and outside. The infinity pool makes you lose sight of the boundary between water and land, the outdoor spaces are livable in several places, allowing the house to continue to be w... More

Project • By Mateus CastilhoPrivate Houses

Casa Macieiras

With the growth and development of the southern sector of Belo Horizonte that meets the various condominiums located in Nova Lima, Casa Macieiras was conceived in 2021 with the initial guidelines of materializing a cozy, practical, and nature-integrated space. The family sought the opportunity to live in a calm and welcoming place with the convenience of being very close to the center of the state capital. Ronaldo Melo Ronaldo Melo The implementation of the house was initially determined by two legal conditions. The first was the compliance with the servitude area corresponding to a high voltage line of Cemig (non-aedificandi area), a parameter that left only 21 meters of free land from the sidewalk to the beginning of the strip.... More

Project • By ARKITITO ArquiteturaPrivate Houses

Georgia House

Designed for a family that wished to enjoy shared moments in a cozy environment surrounded by natural light, the Georgia house stands out for its contrasting volumes. Nestled between two tall residences on a narrow lot measuring 10 meters wide by 52 meters long, with two native trees at the back, the main challenge was comfortably accommodate the distribution of the program along the terrain, emphasizing the relationship between the interiors and the garden while seeking solutions to maximize natural lighting. Fran Parente The shape of the lot, long and narrow, dictated a longitudinal layout, and the social spaces benefit from cross-ventilation, opening up to the back garden. The architectural concept develops from an interplay of sol... More

Project • By Vahid Joudi Studio [ Architecture + Design ]Private Houses

Beach Sky Villa

This project is situated on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea in a neighborhood characterized by a predominantly heterogeneous and semi-dense villa texture. It was designed for a middle-aged couple and their guests to enjoy their vacations and weekend breaks. The architectural design of this villa presented two primary challenges. Firstly, how to establish harmonious interactions between the building and its spatial approaches with the existing structures in the area. Secondly, how to foster a dynamic dialogue between the villa, its residents, and the surrounding geography. Vahid Joudi Furthermore, the impetus for constructing this building stemmed from the residents' desire to distance themselves from the urban environment and ex... More

Project • By OOIIO ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Villafranca House

At Villafranca House nothing is coincidence, it is design. A custom design project where the architects have taken care of every last detail inside and outside this resounding piece of domestic architecture. A home with an urban vocation, which looks beyond its perimeter fence, showing itself as a great design object that dominates its quiet and pleasant residential environment. Javier de Paz Javier de Paz Villafranca House is located very close to Madrid on a large flat rectangular plot surrounded by other single-family homes, all with their garden and enough space around them. A very monotonous and quiet context ideal for family life, where most of the buildings dialogue only with their own garden and do not look beyond the li... More

Project • By MasArqsApartments

Emilio Zola 5915

Located in the town of Wilde, Partido de Avellaneda, it is located on a plot of land with a typical width of 8.66 meters. in front and 35.15 meters. background whose implementation responds to a previous study of the environment, sunlight and needs as a residential building. Caption Caption The proposal is synthesized on the ground floor and two levels with the intention of generating a response to the environment that respects both its geometry and its predominant low scale. Caption Caption In this way, the maximum height allowed by urban indicators was avoided in order to propose a language of "single-family homes" within a complex and, in turn, with a rational and contemporary design. Caption Caption Morp... More

Project • By Voilá!Private Houses

PE House

Escaping from the residential constructions that surround it, the idea of ​​housing arises from the rural landscape near the neighborhood. It is inspired by the farms that dot the landscape on the borders between the city and the countryside, where simple buildings of an industrial or agricultural nature appear. Caption Caption Caption The basis of the idea is summarized in the concept of “a farm”. A recreational land in a peripheral neighborhood with an appearance similar to the nearby industrial and agricultural buildings, but with a happy soul for family life. Caption Caption Caption In compliance with urban planning regulations, the building is located at the northern end of the plot, within t... More

Project • By Veintedoce ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

Casa Rodriguez

House Rodríguez, located in Mexicali, is the home of a young family that enjoys gardens and outdoor living. What governs the organization of its spaces and circulation is the proximity to the perimeter garden, allowing for contemplation from all interior spaces. The curves applied at the intersection and corners of four volumes guide a passage that leads to spaces surrounded by vegetation and natural light. Bryan Arellano Bryan Arellano Bryan Arellano Bryan Arellano The house welcomes you with a concrete porche, a characteristic gesture of houses in the region, necessary for waiting during hot months. The entrance reveals the most public area: a double-height living room illuminated by a skylight. The curved wall... More

Project • By Reservoir StudioPrivate Houses

Pond House

The Pond House was conceived as a series of bars, offset to create outdoor courtyards and to take advantage of the views provided by the existing landscape. The house is sited at the edge of a hardwood forest and an abandoned farm. Sitting atop a hill, the views to the East and North are of the meadow - restored to perrenial grassland prairie - and the pond which was once used as the primary water source for the farm. Views to the West are framed, like photographs, of the variety of tree species of the old growth hardwood forest. Reservoir Studio The house integrates with the existing topography and takes material cues from the history of the land. A rubble stone retaining wall mimics the existing field stone walls seen around the pr... More

Project • By OADD arquitectosPrivate Houses

PH Larralde

The current PH is the result of successive interventions and renovations to an old “chorizo” house, located in the City of Buenos Aires. The passage of time shows the different interventions that modified its identity until it became an accumulation of spaces and a commercial premises on the street. Bruto Studio Bruto Studio Bruto Studio We understand that the fragmentation of space and the lack of light were the challenges to be solved, from which we set out to create a large patio, to illuminate and ventilate all sectors of the home. Bruto Studio Aware of the radical idea of ​​creating a void around the social area and adding meters to the existing terrace, we understood that the decisions had to be few a... More

Project • By blanchette archi.designHousing

46N74O Alt. 280

In the heart of the mountains near Quebec's Mont-Tremblant, a new residence has emerged, merging harmoniously with its natural surroundings. Soberly named "46N74O Alt. 280", this residence by blanchette archi.design embodies a reflection where every detail is meticulously designed to integrate with the surrounding topography, capturing the very essence of this lofty location. WELLDONE.ARCHI WELLDONE.ARCHI WELLDONE.ARCHI Evocative simplicity: Discover 46N74O Alt. 280The name of the residence, "46N74O Alt. 280", soberly sums up the spirit of the architectural project. The residence embodies a fusion between human gestures and nature. Every element of its design has been conceived to blend seamlessly into the landscape, offerin... More

Project • By Estudio Galera ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

House Three

House Three is part of a larger complex which has gradually being built for the same family over time. It is the third of a total of six residences planned in 2016 through a master plan that encompasses not only housing but also amenities and green spaces at the center of the complex. Diego Medina Diego Medina Diego Medina Diego Medina Set in a block near the sea, the dwelling rests on the blurred boundary between Ostende–the most densely populated area of the city and mostly occupied by the working class- and Mar de Ostende, a tourist area which acts as a bellows between the sea and the city itself. A border or edge condition among these two areas is generated not only in terms of the perception of security and p... More

Project • By parte arquiteturaPrivate Houses

Marina house

The house is located on an urban lot with 525m² of surface area, located in Marina Ilha Verde (Pelotas-RS), bathed by Arroio Pelotas and other artificial channels. The building is located along the south side of the land, which creates a side patio that runs the entire length of the house. Lucas Daneris Lucas Daneris Lucas Daneris On the ground floor, the organization is based on exposed concrete plans that direct the views, guarantee the privacy of the social area and protect the service sector. The side access leads residents through an internal courtyard. The other enclosures on the ground floor are transparent, ensuring views of the internal courtyard, other external areas and the canal at the end of the lot. Luc... More

Project • By OSMANY RAMÍREZ | Estudio de arquitecturaPrivate Houses

Casa Fernández Leal

The house is immersed in the old neighborhood of "La Conchita", a colonial neighborhood with a long history dating back to the time of the Conquest. The building adapts its design to dialogue with its immediate context through a facade made of annealed red brick inspired by patterns of fabrics that provide privacy and light to the interior spaces, in addition the project preserves and adapts to all the existing trees. Jaime Navarro Jaime Navarro Jaime Navarro Jaime Navarro Conceived as an open, double-height social area, the house establishes a direct connection with the garden, creating a harmonious environment. The master bedroom is sheltered from the street to ensure privacy, opening onto an interior courtyard contai... More