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Project • By KLG ArchitectsCoasts

House Swanepoel

Inspiration came from the historical typology of the Cape rural agricultural vernacular which was synonymous with the surrounding area. Limewashed fisherman’s dwellings and agricultural structures for livestock were the norm prior to the area becoming a popular respite from the city life of Cape Town 90km (55 mi) away and a village where many residents have retired to this idyllic coastline. Paris Brummer The home is formed by the simple juncture of two pitched volumes. Inhabitable fingers which form a sheltered L-shaped courtyard extend into the site. A contemporary interpretation of the historical built language. The primary axis containing the living spaces open up towards the panoramic mountain vista which themselves ultimat... More

Project • By WALAPrivate Houses

Eliza House

CLIENT BRIEF Eliza House is located in an enviable neighbourhood pocket of Black Rock; within 400m to picturesque Beach Road and walking distance to the Sandringham Beach Foreshore Reserve. The homeowners had a clear ambition of laying roots with their young family in this Bayside community and setting up their forever home. The previous dwelling was a Post-war double-fronted brick-veneered house which was part of the common building stock of its time and did not hold any heritage significance. The old house had familiar characteristics of its Post-war pedigree by way of low ceilings and an awkwardly laid out horse-shoe internal configuration, so the logical decision was made to take a knock-down/rebuild approach. Dave Kulesza The ow... More

Project • By Yellow Cloud StudioPrivate Houses

Courtyard House

The entirety of a terraced Victorian property in Stoke Newington was redesigned and extended, keeping only the building’s bare tectonic skeleton, due to the lack of structural integrity. The length of the floorplan meant that there was a need for natural light to reach the middle part of the house, thus the idea was born to retain a part of the rear garden as a courtyard that would sit amongst the functional layout of the space and provide not only light, but also vital cross ventilation and visual connection. A Japanese cloud tree occupies the courtyard, which is framed by a 3.7m long fixed glass, creating a dominant focal point in the space. A large pivot window and a glazed door connect the front of the house to the rear through th... More

Project • By GRID ArchitectsApartments

Verna, Acton Gardens

GRID Architects’ Verna is a new development containing 210 high-quality homes in west London, and forms a key element in Ealing Council’s Acton Gardens regeneration masterplan, delivered as a joint venture between Countryside Properties and L&Q. The development provides a 50/50 split between private and affordable homes, with several different dwelling typologies comprising of maisonettes and lateral apartments forming a secluded courtyard development around a communal landscaped podium.  Jack Hobhouse Jack Hobhouse Verna consists of four blocks between two and twelve storeys high, with differing heights responding to the hierarchy and scale of the adjacent streets, and serving as useful wayfinding markers wi... More

Project • By PisoterreoResidential Landscape

Penedo courtyard

The project's intention was to combine Arabic and Mediterranean inspirations in a tiny courtyard. Marta Malheiro Preserving the white walls as the Arabic influence, was the objective to bring indoors the characteristic Mediterranean vegetation. Marta Malheiro Some of the features in the garden can combine both styles. Marta Malheiro Marta Malheiro Marta Malheiro More

Project • By Jackson Clements Burrows ArchitectsApartments

Windsor Park

Connecting built form to the surrounding landscape, the design of Windsor Park is characterised by elegant forms, apertures and playful materiality that embrace the leafy surrounds. The concept, inspired by minimalist Japanese architecture, is one of enduring and timeless design that is at one with its environment. Gabriel Saunders The architectural form is interpreted as a series of smaller buildings separated by pockets of greenery. Vertical breaks along both street interfaces create shadow lines, changing the macro to micro for a more human-scale experience. Gabriel Saunders Sensitive landscaping to the neighbouring reserve evokes an escape from urban life, while a generous internal courtyard offers a sculptural, contemplativ... More

NewsNews • 16 Sep 2022

Void Studio composes Tulum apartments around courtyards, intertwining alleys and quaint staircases

Set amidst a dense neighbourhood in South Tulum, Cuatro Cielos is a cluster of four inward-facing apartments designed by the Mexican architecture firm Void Studio. Enveloped in a subdued façade, the four-unit development is a harmonious composition of materials, textures, solids and voids, light, desert tones and vegetation.  Zaickz Moz The apartments range from two to three-bedroom units, each with a distinct layout and character, yet all share a mutual connection with the environment and provide quality spaces. The spatial configuration is consciously planned to make the users traverse through the exterior pockets to reach one room from another.  Zaickz Moz The thought process behind the design was... More
Clubroom 3D Rendering
Clubroom Finished Photo
Courtyard & Pool 3D Rendering
Trellis in Courtyard 3D Rendering
Rooftop 3D Rendering

Project • By 3DAS [3D Architectural Solutions]Apartments

Federal Hill

Share good times with friends and family at these luxury Baltimore apartments inspired by an authentic Federal Hill neighborhood. It’s an environment designed for celebration and for bringing people together like never before. Revel in living well at Alta Federal Hill. Interior and exterior 3D renderings were completed to showcase Alta’s residential amenities.   Outdoor enterainment area in the courtyard.  Caption Rooftop overlooking the city of Baltimore. Caption Clubroom / fireplace lounge overlooking the courtyard. Includes a see-through fire place. Caption Typical 1/1 apartment interior. This view includes the kitchen & living area. Caption More

NewsNews • 17 Nov 2021

Neri&Hu aspire to create a timeless architecture for the Chuan Malt Whisky Distillery

The two visitor experience buildings, part of a distillery and home for Pernod Ricard’s first whisky in China, are based upon fundamental geometries: the circle and the square. Chen Hao A circular tasting experience center is partially submerged in the ground. Three concentric brick rings mark its monumental presence on the site. Inside, a domed courtyard contains a waterfall pouring from an oculus. Five subterranean tasting rooms are placed around the courtyard. Chen Hao The restaurant and bar building is shaped in the form of a square. One corner of the cantilevered volume hovers over the river bank. An open-air courtyard frames its view towards the silhouette of Mount Emei. Dining space is arranged along the perimeter f... More

NewsNews • 10 Nov 2021

Zaha Hadid Architects completes new global headquarters for Infinitus China

Located on the site of a decommissioned airport, Infinitus Plaza is an office complex that includes herbal medicine research facilities, safety assessment labs and a learning centre for conferences and exhibitions. Liang Xue Zaha Hadid Architects arranged the eight storeys building around central atria and courtyards. A nod to the symbol for infinity “∞”. The anchoring voids, together with a variety of shared indoor and outdoor spaces, aim to build a strong sense of community by visually connecting the different floors together. Liang Xue Each atrium is covered with an ETFE membrane. A network of sprinklers spray collected rainwater onto the roof when the membrane’s exterior surface is heated to 35°C.... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerOffices

DU Office Flachgasse – Apartments

The former factory of metal objects Grünwald, built in 1907, was first transformed into a designer furniture store by Matthäus Jiszda in 1981. The building was once again restructured to house the offices of the Viennese branch of Dietrich | Untertrifaller. It has also been enhanced by two floors to offer a penthouse and two spacious apartments. Bruno Klomfar Bruno Klomfar The alignment recess is due to the load distribution of the cross-laminated beam-to-wall structure. The plan of the apartments adapts to these structural constraints and takes advantage of them: the supports on the central supporting wall and on the existing dividing walls allow clearing free levels as well as large windows on all the west facade of t... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerPrivate Houses

House SCH Wolfurt

The single-story, barrier-free building forms a courtyard and embraces the old pear tree forming a private protected zone in this residential area. Visitors are welcomed into generous open living spaces with differentiated views. Bedrooms and bathrooms are separated and form a more private zone within the building. An office and wellness area completes the courtyard to the west; the attached garage shields it to the east. Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller   More

NewsNews • 17 Sep 2021

MVRDV complete landmark courtyard building that combines intimate streetscapes with expansive greenspace

In Bordeaux, France,  MVRDV has completed Ilot Queyries, a courtyard apartment building that combines intimate streetscapes with expansive green space. The site is located to the east of the River Garonne and across from the city’s UNESCO World Heritage historic centre. Ossip van Duivenbode The courtyard apartment building provides 282 homes – including 128 for social housing – parking, commercial space, and a rooftop restaurant within a new neighbourhood of four buildings masterplanned by MVRDV alongside Joubert Architecture. Ossip van Duivenbode In line the ambitions of the Bastide-Niel masterplan, the irregularly shaped courtyard building fills the site to its boundaries, resulting in an intimately scap... More

Project • By MVRDVCar Parks

Ilot Queyries

MVRDV completes Ilot Queyries, a courtyard apartment building that combines intimate streetscapes and expansive green space MVRDV has completed construction of Ilot Queyries, a courtyard apartment building providing 282 homes – including 128 for social housing – parking, commercial space, and a rooftop restaurant in an intimate urban setting with plenty of light, air, and a large collective green space. Located to the east of the River Garonne in Bordeaux, across from the city’s UNESCO World Heritage historic centre, the building is part of a new neighbourhood of four buildings masterplanned by MVRDV alongside Joubert Architecture. Ossip van Duivenbode The project is envisaged as a test-bed for the principles of the... More

Project • By Neumann Monson ArchitectsHospitals

GuideLink Center

Law enforcement, healthcare providers, and local government agencies joined to create a 24/7, low-barrier facility to provide intervention and treatment for substance abuse, mental health, trauma, and act as a winter shelter. These offerings are an important alternative to traditional police intervention for individuals in crisis situations. The voluntary facility is strategically located near other supportive services, as well as bus, bike, and pedestrian routes.  Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio   The building is organized around its three program elements – office, behavioral services, and shelter – and is punctured across its main facade with primary access points. Inviting entrances incorporate full glazi... More