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NewsNews • 5 May 2024

C.F. Møller Architects and EFFEKT design new maritime academy based on a modular construction grid

Danish architectural firms C.F. Møller Architects and EFFEKT feature in Archello’s 25 best architecture firms in Denmark. This article highlights a recently completed Danish project undertaken by the two studios.   The new SIMAC Rasmus Hjortshøj C.F. Møller Architects and EFFEKT have completed a new maritime academy in Svendborg, Denmark, with a design based on a modular construction grid. Originally spread across several locations, Svendborg International Maritime Academy (SIMAC), Denmark’s largest maritime education institute, has a new home on Svendborg’s harbor front. The building’s utilitarian form consists of a transparent concrete framework that aligns with the harbor&rsqu... More

NewsNews • 30 Apr 2024

25 best architecture firms in Denmark

Danish architecture is defined by three terms – innovative, people-centric, and vibrant. Tracing its roots back to the military encampment of the Vikings in AD800 and progressing through the phases of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles, to Nordic functionalism and modernism, Danish architecture has upheld its legacy and emerged as a paragon in the contemporary world. In the post-war era, when modernism thrived, Danish architects Arne Jacobsen and Jørn Utzon made international waves. Especially today, Denmark's efforts towards urban renewal and public planning, fostering community-building have positioned it as a pivotal influence. A quintessential part of Danish architectural ethos is the concept of "hygge," a... More

Project • By Cubo Arkitekter A/SUniversities

Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Instituttet

The expansion of the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) connects with the existing architecture, buildings, and outdoor areas, accommodating the growth of the research and education environment while enhancing its connection to the Faculty of Engineering. Bygningsstyrelsen - The Danish Building and Property Agency The new building also establishes a visual connection and strengthens the coherence between the three existing buildingsections of the Faculty of Engineering, each with its distinct architectural expression, by allowing the new building to evolve the original campus architecture. The main architectural concept is rooted in the comprehensive plan for the SDU Campus Odens... More

Project • By Vilhelm Lauritzen ArchitectsEmbassies

The Embassy of Denmark in Washington D.C.

On the edge of Washington's embassy quarter at 3200 Whitehaven Street is the Embassy of Denmark in the USA – a modernist building that borders the scenic Dumbarton Oaks Park to the south and west.  The land was bought in 1952 by the then ambassador, Henrik Kauffmann, and it is located in one of Washington's highest and best located areas. He made the land available for a new embassy to be built. The former embassy no longer met the current needs – it was not flexible enough in its layout. A new, modern building would be able to meet requirements for both safety and efficiency and require less maintenance. In addition, it was possible to establish an ambassador's residence in an adjacent building. Robert C. Lautman Vi... More

Project • By Vilhelm Lauritzen ArchitectsHousing

Kronløb Island

Kronløb Island is a brand new island – a link across Kronløbsbassinet in the new Copenhagen district of Nordhavn. Featuring bridge connections to both the Århusgade district and Sundmolen, Kronholm will be an important stepping-stone in the district, which will be compressed and linked to a number of new public, intimate urban spaces, waterfront spaces, and gathering points. Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects - Sjavit Maestro Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects - Sjavit Maestro Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects - Sjavit Maestro Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects - Sjavit Maestro The island is being built on a base with a 3-storey underground car park beneath the water level. Having parked your car, you climb into the... More

Project • By Vilhelm Lauritzen ArchitectsHospitals

Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen is Northern Europe's largest hospital for prevention and treatment of diabetes. It redefines the way we perceive sickness and health, as it is draws on the science behind how architecture combined with nature can be used not only to treat, but also to prevent and educate. Rasmus Hjortshøj Designed in cooperation with users, the hospital incorporates warm materials, strategic flows and daylight. It is organised around a large two-storey garden with six smaller lush courtyards, with a public rooftop garden. The anodised aluminium façade frame has large glass sections that break the boundary between indoor and outdoor. Rasmus Hjortshøj Rasmus Hjortshøj Studies show,... More

Project • By AARTHousing

The Senior Co-Housing Community of the Future

Unlike earlier generations, seniors today live to a so-called ‘third age’. They have the energy and desire to be active and engage with other people. In fact, studies in Denmark have found that more than 80,000 senior citizens are considering moving into a co-housing community. The vision for the senior co-housing community of the future (in Danish 'Fremtidens Seniorbofællesskab'), located in the new scenic district of Ringkøbing K, is therefore to revisit co-housing communities as a concept, rethink it and adapt it to life as an active senior citizen. Kontraframe Strengthening the interaction between residencesThis vision is brought to life architecturally by maintaining the functions of co-housing communitie... More

NewsNews • 1 Apr 2022

H.C. Andersen Hus Museum by Kengo Kuma and Associates celebrates a fairy tale world through architecture

In the heart of the city where H.C. Andersen was born, the new H.C. Andersen Hus Museum by Kengo Kuma and Associates celebrates his stories and fairy tales not only in their written form but also through the physical spaces of the museum, cultural centre and garden.   Rasmus Hjortshøj The project site is located between a residential area with small traditional wooden houses from the middle age and the newly developed urban area of Odense. In response to its context, the architectural built form is diminished with the main exhibition spaces located underground. Above ground is an enchanting garden featuring a curving linear hedge that traces the outline of the exhibition spaces beneath the ground.  Rasmus Hjortsh&o... More

Project • By AARTExhibition Centres

Film City Aarhus

The extension does not only transform Film City Aarhus to Denmark's largest cluster of digital, visual companies. It also completely turns the Film City on its head and creates an urban space on an international scale - shaped by the digital opportunities of tomorrow. Caption Playing with urban spacePlay with the urban space and create a building with space for innovation and inspiration for digital and visual businesses. That is the vision behind the extension of Film City Aarhus situated on the South Harbour in Aarhus where a new buildings adds 4,400 sqm to the existing Film City, while a new urban space turns the district on its head as an invitation for play and learning, movement and immersion - all in the setting of tomorrow's d... More

Project • By AARTOffices


Pakhusene (in English 'the Warehouses') brings the sharing economy into the development of residential and office buildings. The result is a sustainable building based on community, benefiting businesses, locals and the city in general. Kontraframe Teeming with life from early morning to late into the eveningPakhusene is a striking and innovative construction project in eastern Aarhus; striking by virtue of its stringent lines, tactile brick facades and 40,000 square metres, and innovative by virtue of its focus on harnessing the many possibilities of the sharing economy, making it a sustainable powerhouse focused on community. It is a powerhouse that is teeming with life from early morning to late into the evening, and it is also the... More

Project • By AARTOffices

The House in the Square

The new office and community centre, The House in the Square, is a vital part of the transformation of the district Viby Syd in Aarhus, Denmark, from a disadvantaged to a mixed district. Many visions have already been realised as part of the development of Viby Syd. And now, as a wooden building with the environment and the individual in mind, the new office and community centre is created to give the district a sustainability boost that will turn it into a healthier and more socially stimulating place to live, work, and to live everyday life. Caption Firstly, the square…With space not only suited for recreation and everyday living, but also for events such as market days and town fairs, the square will transform into a natural... More

Project • By AARTPrimary Schools

The School on Duevej

The School on Duevej is the first school in Denmark to receive not just DGNB Gold certification, but DGNB Diamond - a standard that honours architectural aesthetics and quality. The expansion of the school thus realises the vision of Frederiksberg Municipality to create a school that is an asset for its students as well as the local community. Caption Setting new standards for Danish school buildingThe expansion of the School on Duevej has been designed on the basis of a sustainable holistic approach where a lot of importance has been attached to the school’s social qualities. The aim of the architecture has been to create an inspiring environment which facilitates the students’ ability to learn as well as follow a number... More

Project • By AARTLibraries

The Culture Yard

With more than 700,000 visitors a year, The Culture Yard is a popular success. Not only has it revitalised Elsinore’s waterfront, it has also created new possibilities for the development of Elsinore as a modern city of culture. Caption   Elsinore’s new hubAs the focal point for Kulturhavn Kronborg, The Culture Yard has created a new gathering place for locals and visitors and put Elsinore on the cultural map of the world, hailed by the New York Times as one of the world’s most noteworthy places to visit. It is among Denmark’s most popular cultural centres and has attracted major cultural events such as the Crown Prince Couple’s Awards and the world’s largest design award, Index Award. Additio... More

Project • By AARTUniversities

The University Town

The development plan provides new perspectives on how to convert Aarhus Municipal Hospital into a campus integrated into the city, where Aarhus University interacts with the local urban and commercial environment in entirely new ways - amidst one of Denmark’s most unique constructed environments with a unique homogeneity in geometry and materials. Caption Enhances the qualities of the locationThe consistent composition of urban spaces and buildings clad in red brick has characterised Aarhus Municipal Hospital since the 1930s, but this strong visual identity has become somewhat faded over the past few decades due to new pavilions and additions. With the conversion of the old hospital to the University Town - the site’s orig... More

Project • By AARTShops


Located on a unique spot right between Aarhus Marina and the city's harbour bath lies the mixed-use project Nicolinehus - the last building project in the development of the Aarhus Ø’s district’s first phase. Mixing urban, commercial and residential functions, Nicolinehus has been developed with a clear goal of bringing more urban life and urban quality to the new urban district for the benefit of both residents and the surrounding city. From industrialism to urbanismThe history of Aarhus Ø goes all the way back to 1997, when a unanimous city council passed a masterplan for the extension of Aarhus Harbour. The aim of the plan was to transform the empty container harbour into a new and vibrant urban district that c... More