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Project • By Álvarez-Díaz & VillalónLibraries

Baldwin School of PR Innovation Center

Designed by Álvarez-Díaz & Villalón (AD&V), the Innovation Center of Science, Technology and Engineering at the Baldwin School of Puerto Rico will be a new two-story, 16,800-square-foot LEED certified building. It will be ideally situated on the beautiful existing 23-acre campus of Baldwin, one of the premier independent English language day schools in Puerto Rico. The first floor is being developed around a Maker Space, a central classroom where students with mutual interests can work together on projects while sharing ideas, equipment and knowledge. The building design is flexible, diverse and open to acknowledge a range of learners, and to reinforce critical thinking as well as complex problem solving. Scie... More
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Project • By Anagram A-UCultural Centres

Cultural Center of Modrice

Gruppa & Anagram A-U, 2 young practices with base in the Netherlands, Barcelona and Athens participated in the national competition for a new cultural center in the city of Modřice in Czechia. The proposal deals with the reuse of the 2 existing buildings of the plot aiming to increase their historical value and reestablish their role for the city. Simultaneously it introduces a connector that is a pitched roof canopy which accommodates a new library for the citizens. The connector works as an extension of the city, inviting the citizens to spend time on the complex and follow the cultural events of Modřice. The proposal is a single-storey building, a decision which enhances the value of the ground floor, the extrovert character of the p... More

Project • By Roland Baldi ArchitectsNurseries


Child-friendly and sustainable: with Sluderno Kindergarten, Roland Baldi Architects has created a wooden building with a pitched roof, plastered façade and significant windows of different sizes that, with their staggered layout and dimensions, are reminiscent of an child's drawings. Inside, all the rooms can be accessed through the spacious foyer, which is also a welcome, recreation and play area. The group rooms face south towards the recreation areas in the garden. The custom-made wooden furniture, such as stools, tables and wardrobes, together with deliberately chosen colours convey a sense of security. More

Project • By Triple O StudioPrimary Schools

Thoraipakkam School

A project of its own challenge and uniqueness that prompted us to shape the very definition of a government school. The main focus was to sculpt the school from an existing plan and dimension into a vibrant zone of learning, a place where kids can finally feel that the school is indeed built for them. Light, color, gathering spaces, greenery, scale, and most importantly, the kids have made this government school as what it is. The design breaks free of the typical rigid composition of a school through the use of Jaalis and height variations in the roof slabs which bring in daylight and ventilation, thus making it a breathing structure More

Project • By PAB ArchitectsSecondary Schools

Gökçeada High School Campus

Gökçeada High School Campus consists of a high school, a vocational school, a dormitory, a sports center, a conference hall, and a library. The campus is situated on Gökçeada Island in Aegean Sea. PAB Architects won the architectural competition in 2014 and the realized design is in use by 2019. The design of the campus proposes an alternative, innovative and participatory learning environment which puts the student in a central role.  The main aim of the project is to create an 'open campus' by an integrated life between educational-social spaces of the school and the urban environment. Being on an island, the town is an isolated settlement with limited resources. Having townspeople to share the library, confe... More

Project • By Holst ArchitectureCommunity Centres

Rockwood Youth Campus

Just outside the Portland city limits, Rockwood is among the most diverse and lowest income areas in the Portland metro area. Three non-profit organizations—Open School, Boys & Girls Club of Portland, and New Avenues for Youth—came together to create a two-building, 3.5-acre non-profit campus to support the neighborhood’s community of underserved youth. The campus delivers places for kids of all ages to learn, play, and socialize. The concurrent development of the two buildings enabled the organizations to create shared facilities that reduced initial capital investment. Open School East is an innovative college-prep school that prepares students who have struggled in traditional public school for success in college, career, and communi... More

Project • By Dietrich | Untertrifaller ArchitektenSecondary Schools

Collège Simone Veil

The College in Lamballe (Brittany, France), planned for 820 students, consists of two separate buildings: a long rectilinear parallelepiped rests on a gently curved base, to marry better with the configuration and to fit into the site. The ground floor, entirely in glass, adds to the lightness of the whole: it incorporates the entrance hall, the covered playground, the spaces for education, a multiuse room, and the canteen. On the southeast and northwest facades, wood awnings both vertical and horizontal, control the provision of light in the two classroom floors. Construction materials are mixed: concrete on the ground floor to assure the robustness of places in common use, and mixed on the upper floors with prefabricated concrete and wood... More

Project • By Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA)Primary Schools

Waunakee Intermediate School

Together with the Waunakee Community School District (WCSD) and community input, EUA developed a plan to address a growing community and the need for flexibility for future expansion by creating financially responsible solutions supported by public outreach. The design of the new 800-student intermediate school honors Waunakee’s strong agricultural heritage, devoted part of the community and uniqueness within the school district.The interior design supports the educational programming, promoting an active learning atmosphere. As a means of wayfinding and student identity, the school is organized into learning neighborhoods, called “villages,” representing natural elements necessary for growth – earth, wind, sun and water. Each village was d... More

Project • By Fouad Samara ArchitectsUniversities

The Sheikh Nahyan Center (CASID)

The Sheikh Nahyan Center for Arabic Studies & Intercultural Dialogue (CASID) is seen as a new addition to the existing and firmly rooted cultural and educational fabric of the University of Balamand. By creating a forum for cultural, intellectual, and religious exchange, CASID aims to embody the progressive ethos of the University, and create a positive contribution to it.An accessible vehicle for appreciating, studying, and furthering Arab culture, CASID enriches the University and fortifies its role as a nexus for excellence in education, thought, and dialogue within the Arab world.Site Located to the south east of the Athletics Field and defined to the south by the road that links the faculty and student housing to the campus below,... More

Project • By Atelier PRO architektenSecondary Schools

Liseo Boneriano, Scholengemeenschap Bonaire

The Liseo Boneriano is a highschool on the Caribbean island of Bonaire. Part of the school is now situated in a building on Kaya Amsterdam in Bonaire. The number of students has increased to such an extent that lack of sufficient educational space became a serious issue. The team of atelier PRO architects and Jacobs Architects created a design to extend the schoolbuilding in such a way that both junior and senior pupils have room to attend class at this location.This redevelopment will appear as one elegant new ensemble with great attention to the outdoor space. The outdoor space will feature as the public domain, enabling students and teachers to meet in a relaxed manner.These new functional education facilities offer Bonaire an impor... More

Project • By YKK AP America Inc.Universities

Georgia State University College of Law

In the heart of the Georgia State University campus in downtown Atlanta, Ga. lies the new College of Law building, opened in September 2015. While students and faculty passing by might not recognize the structure’s ingenuity, those who enter find the design represents more than meets the eye and incorporates robust features to meet the needs of 21st century education.Founded in the 1980s, the prestigious Georgia State School of Law was in need of a new facility that would meet the demands of modern schooling and standards of sustainability. For architect, John Elvin, it was vital that the vision not only be durable for college activity, but also inventive and meaningful to the local area.“The design team envisioned clasped ha... More

Project • By bureau SLAPrimary Schools

Nature and Environment Learning Centre

bureau SLA designed a school building that is a teacher itself. In the Nature and Environment Learning Centre in Amsterdam sustainability can be easily experienced and understood by children. In Amsterdam, every primary school student is provided with his or her own 6m2 garden to care for. These students are also enrolled in classes where they learn about nature and the environment, held in one of the buildings dedicated to the purpose throughout Amsterdam. As of this year though, Amsterdam Noord becomes host to a new building designed specifically for this purpose: the Nature & Environment Learning Centre.This new building replaces two temporary structures (which housed the program for the previous five years). In addition to bein... More