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NewsNews • 28 Mar 2024

Snøhetta designs new extension for the world’s oldest ski museum in Oslo

Global transdisciplinary architecture and design practice Snøhetta has designed a new entrance and outdoor extension for the Norwegian Skimuseet, the world’s oldest ski museum. Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2023, the new addition provides the Skimuseet (Ski Museum) in Holmenkollen, Oslo, with its own distinct identity, one that offers a pleasing contrast to the impressive Holmenkollen Ski Jump. Thomas Ekström / Snøhetta Thomas Ekström / Snøhetta The Holmenkollen Ski Jump underwent a major upgrade in time for the 2011 Nordic World Ski Championships. Overshadowed by this upgrade, both figuratively and literally, “the Ski Museum has undergone a transformative process to be br... More

NewsNews • 13 Mar 2024

Glulam timber and stainless steel shingles define Oxford's Cohen Quad by Alison Brooks Architects

London-based Alison Brooks Architects (ABA) has delivered a 5,500 square meter building programmed with social learning spaces for Oxford University’s historic Exeter College.  The project was awarded to ABA through an international competition. ABA’s design mixed conservation with innovation, retaining the facades of a listed building while inserting a totally new construction behind them. The expanded building, Cohen Quad, uses a range of high-technology and sustainable materials to update it yet harmonize it with the college’s 700-year-old campus built primarily in a mix of brick and stone.  Paul Riddle for Alison Brooks Architects Paul Riddle for Alison Brooks Architects ABA’s design... More

NewsSpecification • 6 Mar 2024

10 factories that feature glulam construction

Glued laminated timber — also known as glulam and GLT — is, as the name suggests, a form of timber made by gluing together layers of wood to create beams and columns in a range of sizes. Glulam is often used in long-span designs — its strength-to-weight ratio is superior to both concrete and steel. Glulam is made in both straight lengths and curved pieces typically from fir, larch, oak, pine, or spruce. It is often used in medium/high-rise timber residential and commercial projects where height is not a constraint. When producing longer glulam beams and columns, it is necessary to join together smaller pieces of timber — the most common method is a finger joint. Here, complementary interlocking profiles are cut in t... More

Project • By Lucio Fleury ArquiteturaResidential Landscape


At our design studio, each project is driven by the quest for balance between built space and the natural environment. This principle not only extends to the structural conception in wood but also considers the influences of the local climate. Broad overhangs define the facades, encompassing the entire perimeter of the house, shielding both the structure and walls, minimizing overall maintenance. Carefully planned openings facilitate cross-ventilation, ensuring internal thermal comfort. Beware Collective Beware Collective Beware Collective While the southern facade opens up completely to embrace the sea view, the western face adopts a more enclosed approach with cellular concrete walls, except for the stair module. This sect... More

NewsNews • 8 Feb 2024

Sustainable forestry company HQ in Czech Republic embraces environmental approach to construction

Mjölk architekti, an architectural studio based in the city of Liberec in the Czech Republic, designed the new headquarters for the sustainable forestry company Kloboucká lesní. The building in Brumov-Bylnice, a small town in the Czech Republic, embodies the guiding principles of sustainable design and embraces a thoroughly environmental approach to construction: through the design and development of the new HQ, Mjölk demonstrates the potential of sustainable construction, in line with Kloboucká lesní’s ethos. BoysPlayNice BoysPlayNice The new headquarters is designed with flexibility in mind: “The main load-bearing structure forms a modular shell for the building, leaving... More

NewsNews • 14 Jan 2024

Helen & Hard transforms former petroleum HQ into a flexible and sustainable workspace

Norwegian architectural studio Helen & Hard has transformed the former headquarters of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate into a contemporary workspace for Innoasis, a hub for urban innovation. Built in 1978, the property at Sverdrups gate 27 in Stavanger is now a flexible and sustainable workspace utilized by start-ups, established companies, and academics, all with a focus on creating solutions for a green transition. Sindre Ellingsen Original facade: Helen & Hard Helen & Hard’s approach to the transformation focused on preserving the original building. The studio explains: “The building had a rational plan and a clear and legible industrial building system made up of concrete columns and DT ri... More

NewsDetail • 18 Dec 2023

Detail: atelierjones completes Heartwood, the first tall mass timber workforce housing building in the US

atelierjones has completed the design of Heartwood, a 67,000-square-feet (approx. 6,225-square-meter) mass timber workforce/middle income housing project in Seattle, USA. Located in the city’s mainly residential Central District, the eight-story Heartwood building was designed for Community Roots Housing, a Seattle-based non-profit organization. It is the first Type IV-C International Building Code (IBC) workforce housing building to be built in the US. Breaking ground in April 2022, Heartwood was completed in late 2023.  Lara Swimmer Photography The anticipated demand for taller mass timber buildings led to three new construction types being added to the 2021 International Building Code: IV-A (18 stories), IV-B (12 sto... More

Project • By Magarão + Lindenberg ArqPrivate Houses

Casa HPZ

Casa HPZ was conceived during the pandemic period, with the aim of serving as a refuge, providing contact with nature and bringing together family and friends in an inviting and comfortable environment. They wanted a house with personality and practicality, which would be spacious but without losing coziness, not being too big, with five suites. They wanted to prioritize leisure and common use areas. MCA Estudio MCA Estudio MCA Estudio From the initial drawings, the main idea was to incorporate sustainable aspects into the construction and to seek biophilic related concepts for the environments. We chose the construction method using Glulam (glued laminated timber) as a starting point, as we see this material as one of the m... More

NewsNews • 12 Jun 2023

“Timber Typologies” is a new guide to understanding timber construction

Waugh Thistleton Architects has collaborated with Timber Development UK to launch Timber Typologies, a guide to “understanding options for timber construction.” London-based Waugh Thistleton Architects is an ardent proponent of building with engineered timber. The studio recently completed The Black & White Building, London’s tallest engineered timber office building. Ed Reeve Daniel Tucker Timber Typologies was written by Waugh Thistleton Architects as “a primer or beginner’s guide to the variety of timber solutions available.” Aimed primarily at developers, investors, and policy makers, the book is free to download from the Timber Development UK website. The publication outlines t... More

NewsNews • 2 Feb 2022

BLOCO Arquitetos completes off the grid house and studio located inside world’s most biodiverse tropical savanna

The house and studio for a landscape architect and her family are an experiment about how to live inside Brazil’s second-largest biome while leaving a small ecological footprint. The two buildings designed by BLOCO Arquitetos are 120 meters apart on opposing sides of a hill.  Joana França The structures are suspended from the ground in order to minimize ecological intrusion and at the same time prevent small wild animals from entering. The buildings are made up out of an exposed concrete core, solid brick walls, and a Glulam roof.  Joana França The aim for the structural design was to combine local labor and traditional building materials with a lightweight structure. The elements are prefabricated... More

Project • By Hemsworth ArchitecturePrivate Houses

1 Lonsdale

The property at 1 Lonsdale has been owned by a local family for three generations.  When the existing building was reaching the end of its lifespan, the family chose to use this as an opportunity to develop a new three storey, Passive House building that would serve as a sustainable benchmark for the fast changing Lower Lonsdale District. Ema Peter The intent of the design was to create a contemporary interpretation of the brick clad, heavy timber, warehouse buildings that formed the backbone of the working waterfront. Along with the sustainable ambitions for the project, the new building presents the Lower Lonsdale District with the familiarity and ‘grounded’ feeling of a dark, glazed brick building that reads as a &... More

Project • By Jackson Clements Burrows ArchitectsUniversities

La Trobe University North and South Apartments

La Trobe University’s twin building student accommodation development brings 624 new student beds to its eastern residential precinct and forms a key part of an ambitious plan to transform their Bundoora campus into a University City of the Future. John Gollings The buildings form two sweeping arcs, creating strong edges to the campus ‘street’ network and a large central ‘private’ courtyard space. A transparent glazed curtain wall for communal spaces and continuous perimeter seating create pedestrian scale and encourage students to informally sit, gather and engage with the buildings and broader street context. Peter Clarke Peter Clarke While creating a warm and human-centric solution, this pro... More

Project • By StructureCraftOffices

T3 Minneapolis

T3, the largest modern mass timber building in the USA at completion, is finished - installation of the 180,000sqft timber superstructure in only 9.5 weeks. With the successful launch of T3 Minneapolis (timber, technology, transportation), tall wood construction in North America continues to reach new heights. Replacing traditional structural systems such as concrete and steel, prefabricated solid wood panels, such as Nail-Laminated Timber panels, create a construction method which is fast, clean, and sustainable–not to mention aesthetically pleasing. More

Project • By StructureCraftCultural Centres

Tianfu Agricultural Expo

The Tianfu Agricultural Expo Main Hall is part of a major development program in the greater metropolitan area of Chengdu, which aspires to compete with other major economic hubs in China. Located on the west border of the Sichuan Basin, where up to 5000m high mountains meet Sichuan’s great plains, the wide views of waving rice fields and mountain peaks on the horizon inspired the architect Cui Kai with the concept for the curved timber enclosures. At over 75,000m2, the new Tianfu Agriculture Exposition is the largest timber structure in Asia, and one of the largest timber structures in the world. This series of five vaults (G1-G5) use unique Vierendeel-inspired trusses which are a hybrid of timber chords and steel webbing, achieving... More

Project • By StructureCraftParks/Gardens

Taiyuan Botanical Garden Domes

The new Taiyuan Botanical Garden Domes complex in Taiyuan, China features 3 domes ranging from 43m to 88m in diameter and from 12m to 30m in height. The largest of the three domes is the longest clear-span timber gridshell (non-triangulated) in the world. All three parabolic gridshells comprise light doubly curved glulam beams, arranged in two or three crossing layers. Through the cooperation of all team members on three different continents in less than a year, a unique series of long-span timber structures was delivered to the city of Taiyuan, providing a beautiful, world-class attraction that emphasizes both sustainability and structural integrity. More