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Architecture is our core activity and passion. We have been fortunate to build, and continue to build, long-term relationships with demanding design-led professional clients, consultants, contractors and suppliers. We work on projects of all scales and across many typologies from inception to completion.

Our urban design and masterplanning work operates at a scale larger than architecture, but is constantly informed by dialogue with the design of buildings, spaces and interiors across the practice. Our team is heavily involved in teaching and research, but our work is grounded in an awareness of the ways in which cities are built: economically, physically and socially.

Interiors, in our view, means designing for the productive and enjoyable use of a building. We work across many sectors and typologies some of which can be idiosyncratic. We aim to create a stimulating environment whether the project is an arts centre, a brand new industry or an established corporation’s headquarters.

We seek elegant resolutions to the forces, pressures and constrictions that generate the starting point for most projects: the brief. To achieve this, we draw on the considerable experience, ability, energy and enthusiasm of the remarkable group of people who choose to work at the practice, in teams scaled to the project.

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