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Project • By 3LHDHeritages

Urban revitalization of the Gredelj Zone

The abandoned industrial zone in the center of the city of Zagreb has occupied for decades the spaces that now give us the opportunity for the first systematic town planning after a long time.  The zone extends between Branimirova and Vukovarska streets and the railway and bus station. This area of 45 hectares is one of the most important spatial potentials of the City of Zagreb, only a 15-minute walk from the centre. For comparison, this area is twice the size of the Old City of Dubrovnik. The reconstruction of the Gredelj zone is an opportunity to solve one of the biggest urban problems in Zagreb, which is the disconnection between the north and the south. Because of the railway tracks these two parts of the city are connected at o... More

Project • By GUILLEM CARRERA arquitectePrivate Houses


A family building that originally dates on XVII-XVIII centuries and which had suffered several interventions. The floor plan was used for many years as a blacksmith workshop, what gives to the building a special character. The time going by and the lack of maintenance have caused that the building presented a bad state of preservation, what means that otherwise repaired, it could be degraded in a short period of time.   It is projected a rehabilitation in several phases, starting by the roof, continuing to facades and terrace, and ending by the indoors, with the will of renovating the building respecting its antiquity and its character.   The building was characterized by having a messy interior, very compartmentalized and wit... More

Project • By Meyer & Associates Architects, Urban DesignersPrivate Houses

House van der Merwe Coetzee

This project was completed under Meyer & Associates' previous iteration - MEYER+VORSTER.   The architects were briefed three years ago by a professional couple to design a small, low maintenance city residence in De Waterkant, which could be used during the week while they were involved with their medical practices. Their life would be shared between this house and a large weekend house at Aurora, a few hours from Cape Town. The clients emphasised that the design of the house had to be bespoke, with every aspect of it, purpose made and purpose designed around their specific needs, requirements and busy lifestyle. This instruction gave rise to a somewhat unorthodox spatial configuration and programme, developed in close consultati... More

Project • By Leonardo MarchesiHousing

House in the Fort

Located in the south coast of the Parque Natural da Arrábida-Sesimbra, the Fort of São Domingo da Baralha is the first defensive construction that has been built, possibly around 1665, with the purpose of defending the Setubal port and its coast. ​ The building was once home to three army deposit, a water tank and a defensive platform, currently, in ruin, the platform is used by fishermen, the water tank is no longer functional and one portal is still left from the service areas.   The idea for a fisherman home in this fort came after its surprising discovery on a day trip done close by the close by Cabo Espichel lighthouse.   The idea is to conserve the original stone walls by inhabiting the ruin with a new st... More

Project • By PCA-STREAMOffices


Thanks to PCA-STREAM’s project, the complex at 173–175 Haussmann recovers urban legibility that measuring up to its exceptional location a stone’s throw away from Place de l’Étoile, magnified by a majestic entrance at the bow of the building.   Finally brought together in a coherent manner, via an overhaul of distribution, the new complex offers floors that are flexible, open, bright, and pleasant, fitted out by RF Studio with a view to addressing the challenges of tomorrow’s workspaces. They are supplemented with outstanding common areas designed by PCASTREAM, including a triple-height atrium serving as a new village square for employees, but also a livable landscaped terrace.   A hybrid g... More

Project • By Guillaume Levesque ArchitecteHousing

Alexandre-de-Sève Town House

In 2017, the townhouse owners contacted Montreal architect Guillaume Lévesque for a very unique renovation project. They wanted to transform an old 1880s duplex into a multi-unit and harmonize the original style of the building with a decidedly contemporary and uncluttered addition.   RestorationRestoring a 19th-century house while retaining the heritage and creating a contemporary addition is quite a challenge.   The original 60m2 building has been fully restored and converted into two apartments: a two-floor 4 ½ and a 3 ½ on the second floor.   Both apartments have an open plan with abundant fenestration with large 3.65m high side windows carved into the brick wall. The attic has been completely c... More

NewsNews • 16 Jul 2020

FCB Studios transforms oldest industrial site in the world into residential neighborhood

Known as the ‘first industrial neighbourhood in the world,’ Ancoats has emerged as a lively, individualistic residential community on the eastern edge of Manchester city centre. The development centres around Murrays’ Mill, the oldest surviving steam-powered cotton mill in the world, with FCB Studios and Manchester Life letting the historic building’s layout, character and heritage inform the design of new homes for a new community. Credit: Daniel Hopkinson The first challenge for FCB Studios was to investigate Murrays’ Mill in order to determined how many homes could be created without disturbing the fabric or character of the existing buildings. Responding to site and existing fabric, rather than a pre-... More

Project • By Contell-Martínez ArquitectosCultural Centres


The Project aims to transform an old railway warehouse into a cultural facility within the new Valencia’s Central Park which nowadays covers the old railway tracks of the main city station. The shed was built in 1917 by Demetrio Ribes and it is a valuable example within the railway architecture of Valencia.    The design allows maximum flexibility of use so different activities can happen simultaneously while respecting the industrial character of the building.   The shed is divided into five bays, which will geometrically guide the project. This structural rhythm, as well as the possibility of developing two levels in height, are fundamental for the proposal.   The building has two entries. The front one, fo... More

Project • By dhk ArchitectsOffices

32 on Kloof

32 on Kloof, a heritage building situated along popular Kloof Street in Cape Town, has undergone a metamorphosis. Originally constructed in 1922 by prominent architecture firm Parker & Forsyth for the United Tobacco Companies Limited (UTC), the building once housed the company’s administration department. Transformed by multidisciplinary design studio, dhk Architects, 32 on Kloof’s rich history has been respected via a contemporary aesthetic that references, rather than replicates, its existing heritage.   UTC, a South African subsidiary of the United Kingdom’s Imperial Tobacco Company and the United States’ American Tobacco Company, was founded in 1904. Shortly thereafter, the company began to acquire por... More

Project • By WALAHeritages

Henry House

Henry House is a 140-year-old Victorian terrace house that has been refurbished and extended with a contemporary rear ground level extension. This Victorian is one of a pair of double-storey, single-fronted terraces that was originally built in 1878, and is part of the rich history of buildings that line this street in East Melbourne. The house had undergone an earlier renovation by the previous tenants that widened the footprint of the rear ground level rooms to take advantage of the full width of the narrow site. However this earlier renovation still lacked a strong connection with the backyard which had succumbed to overgrowth over time.  The current owners wanted the rear to open up to the garden and have a functional outdoor liv... More

Project • By Armani ArchitectsPavilions

Sandy-Darak Pavilion

This space is intended to be a pavilion for resting and community gatherings of both villagers and tourists. The village of Darak is 170 kilometers far from Chabahar. As you travel through this area of Iran, you reach a point where the sea surrounds the sand dunes of the desert, which has attracted visitors from all over the world. The topography of sand dunes in these areas adds spectacular attractions to this area. given this amazing sandy desert, our best design option is to be inspired by nature.   We designed this Project considering the traditional architecture of the region, which is affected by the abundant sunlight and high temperatures during the day. Furthermore, we were inspired by the curvature and fluidity of sand dunes... More

Project • By IL NatureHeritages

Les Jardins D'Étretat

In 2016, Alexandre Grivko transformed Thébault’s former estate into Les Jardins d’Étretat—a public garden that hosts both permanent and temporary collections of sculpture by international artists. The merit of this project lies in a harmonious coexistence of the old historical garden with contemporary architectural aesthetic ideas, eventually resulting in a neo-futuristic vision of the garden. New styles and old conglomerates began to merge, in order to create, through improved lines and forms, a more comfortable space within gardens with sculpted trimmed plants. Due to this evolving search, a new special paradigm has emerged - the philosophy of parametric architecture that incorporated the denial of general... More

Project • By Azzurra Carli ArchitettoHeritages


The recovery project of the bunkers of the Pineta del Fondo intends to bring the reflection back to 70 years after its construction, on the entire settlement area and on the transformations that have occurred over time by man and nature, with the aim of affirm a new historical phase dated 2014 that activates a new system of use and visit and generates a process of strong identification with the history and memory of the place. More

Project • By studio203Private Houses

Lilyfield House

Lilyfield House is a spatial assembly of internal and external rooms and volumes, opening to the light, to green spaces and rising to the district outlook. The rooms and platforms of the house pviot around a central atrium, integrating portions of a historic shop.   Accessible from only two sides and subject to acoustic constraints under a flight path, these 3-storey alterations and additions cater for family living and working from home. Accommodation includes two living areas, a large kitchen and dining area, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a home office, existing garage, carport and outbuilding.   A reduced materials palette of off-form concrete, black steel, plywood and bamboo flooring and historic fabric in white-set plast... More

Project • By NinetynineHeritages

Restaurant Entrepot

Introduction Restaurant Entrepot is led by chef Arvid Schmidt and host Xander Waller. The menu offers an ever-changing list of exciting small dishes, made with local seasonal products and largely prepared over open fire. The restaurant is located in Amsterdam on the iconic Entrepotdok, an industrial area from the 17th century with many monumental warehouses. The building which houses Restaurant Entrepot is also a Dutch cultural heritage site.   Design concept In addition to its distinctive open kitchen, Restaurant Entrepot is unique in that it allows its guests to see its operational process wherever possible. To accommodate this, the bar, wine and bread stations and other supporting functions are positioned in an open service zone... More